HDBD Week 27


I made it to my third trimester! Home stretch high five!

Oh my gosh, I am so excited to finally be in the final part of my pregnancy. Once I get over the 30 week hump it’ll really be count down to go time. Some how December still feels realllyyyyyy far away though.


Baby size- I’ve got her down for an acorn squash, but all my apps are starting to conflict and over lap. I think the varying sizes babies can be at this point is getting to be too ambiguous for fruit comparisons.

My size- Despite not having kitchen, eating out for every meal, and having my work outs derailed, I only gained like a pound. I am totally shocked and not sure I believe my scale, but I won’t complain.

My mood- All the crankiness. It is like inferno level hot out right now here and I spend all day in my non-air conditioned classroom then come home to my not air conditioned house. I’m too pregnant for this. It’s making me want to cry. And at least at home when I’m hot I can go away somewhere and try to avoid the heat. At work I’m stuck in my scorching hot room all day. It’s completely effing miserable.

Rings- Off, and definitely not going back on in this weather.

Symptoms- On top of it being hot, I am also starting to have hot flashes. They come out of nowhere, sometimes even if I’m just standing in a store, with air conditioning none the less. I will suddenly get beyond overheated and look at my husband and go “It’s so hot!” And he looks at me just says “…Nope.” Cool, just me, human furnace. Did I mention I’m miserable and cranky yet? Because I am.

A fun new symptom though is feeling for baby. Sometimes she pushes against me enough that I can rub a spot on my belly and feel her pressing from the outside. Pushing into me is a lot nicer than the swift, hard rib kicks I was getting yesterday while trying to sit down and not move in the heat. Thanks, kid.

I’m also at the point where I’m the playing “How bad does that thing on the floor need to be picked up” game. Squatting down for things is getting tough. Really tough. And some thing are just not worth he effort it takes to squat down for them.

Griswold really wanted Bobafet in the photo this week.

Food cravings- No. No food. Heat and food do not mix and at this point I’m only eating if I’m like for real hungry. And having ice cream for dinner, because it’s too damn hot and I’m an adult and I do what I want.

Food aversions- Anything hot or anything that requires cooking, both for obvious reasons. Hot, no kitchen, all that jazz. Yup.

Exercise- I had a good run on the treadmill on Monday. I bailed on spinning last night because of the heat and instead did part of a prenatal yoga video one of the school counselors gave to me.

What I’m missing- A good night’s sleep. I think my days of sleeping well are over. I spent the first and most of my second trimester sleeping like the damn dead to be honest. Now I’m super uncomfortable no matter how I lay, my arms and legs all fall asleep and hurt, I get up a couple of times a night to pee, and I’m slowly surrounding myself with extra stuff in order to try and build back in some comfort. My Garmin sleep data is laughable. I still have 13 weeks left, so it feels pretty unfair that I’m already struggling to sleep so much.

What I’m loving- Seeing my students! It’ll take me a couple of weeks to feel out my new sixth graders, but I’m really happy to see some of my seventh and eighth grade kiddos. It’ll probably be a week or so until I get back into the swing of everything, but I am looking forward to it now that I’ve got the first day under my feet.

Next appointment- Next Friday for my glucose tolerance test, an OB check, and another growth scan. I’m happy Hubby will be with me this time. He hasn’t seen Little Girl since our anatomy scan almost two months ago and I love sharing that experience with him.

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