HDBD Week 28

Oh my, I am so tired. I worked through my whole first trimester, had my whole second tri off, and now at the start of my third tri I’m back to pulling 8+ hours of work on my feet all day. I’m teaching my usual six classes a day and middle schoolers never miss a beat to run your through the ringer. I’m trying to keep it together, but man  it’s difficult. I’m supposed to do this for how long now..?


Baby size- Eggplant apparently, even though she was one of those a few weeks ago. Pregnancy apps are dumb. I give up. She’s 29 week gestational age baby sized.

My size- I haven’t really weighed myself in a while. My hips are definitely widening. I look wide lately. Like, when did my thigh and hips go that far out from my body?

My mood- Stressed. Back to work after ten weeks off, my house still looks like a damn bomb of all my belongings and construction debris went off, my bank accounts are aching to be rebuilt after going 12 weeks without seeing any income, and I am just sooooo tired. I wanted to cry yesterday afternoon because I couldn’t fathom getting through all my classes.

This is only my second week back. I don’t know how I am going to survive until I go on leave. Barely. That’s probably the answer. I look at my FMLA paper work that I want my doctors to sign off on on Friday and debate whether or not I want to ask them to yank me at 32 weeks when I start weekly monitoring or tough things out until I get through the first quarter at school. Really, I know the answer is I need to hold out for ten weeks. Professionally speaking, that’s what needs to happen, but I would much rather be at home trying to rest and clean my house.

Rings- Wedding rings are off. Hubby ordered me a super cute ring to wear in their place and I cannot wait for it come. The more pregnant I get the more self conscious I become about not having my rings on.


Symptoms- What’s not a symptom is the real question. I have lots of weird pains, in my legs, back, hips, sciatica, everywhere, everything. The newest thing that has started over the last couple of days is getting weird numbness in my abdomen, right where my boobs rest on my belly. I have no idea what that is but it’s super  awkward and uncomfortable. I’ve also basically given up on sleep. I’m a complete mess at night. Nothing is comfortable, my bladder sucks, and I just thrash around all night long. UGH.

Food cravings- Mashed potatoes and all things pumpkin.

Food aversions- Meh, eating is getting difficult. My usual portions are starting to feel too big. My stomach must be starting to get squished. Maybe that means I’ll stop gaining weight..? One can hope.

Exercise- Elliptical and spinning so far this week. My new running shoes should be here in a couple of days, then I can run again.

What I’m missing- Comfort. Sleep. I just want an uninterrupted 8 hours of solid sleep. But I don’t know that I’ll see that again for, oh, maybe years from now? So that’s fun.

What I’m loving- My husband. He’s been very sweet to me lately. And he’s been working so hard on our house. He’s amazing and I can’t wait to see how he is with our daughter. He’s going to be such an incredible dad, I just know it.

Next appointment- Friday at 9am for an OB check, growth scan, and my GTT. It’s my last four week appointment too, so after this they go to every two weeks!

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