HDBD Week 30!!!

Hellooooooo week 30! I am ecstatic to see my weeks starting with a THREE at this point. It’s the home stretch, baby!

We still have a bit to do too. We have a maternity photo shoot coming up, our baby shower, we need to sit down together and do the online birth class we’re taking, and our nursery needs some attention still. Right now all the big stuff in place, it’s just kid of is a cluttered mess.

We did get our glider finally too, so we have all our big furniture items at this point. We went in to order ours the other weekend and there was a brand new one, the same one we intended to order, that someone else had ordered and opted not to take home. It was brand spanking new, sitting there for 20% off. The only difference is it was navy blue and didn’t have the piping that we planned to order. But it didn’t matter, we stacked my designated shopper 20% off on top of the reduced price and walked out of the store with it that day instead of waiting 12-14 weeks for a new one to get made and shipped to us. We ended up saving about $200 and we didn’t have to deal with not having one for the first couple of weeks that we’ll have a newborn in the house. And I used some Amazon points and bought a slip cover for it, so now not only is it the color we wanted, but the slip cover can come off if she pukes or poops or whatevers on it. Much easier to throw that in the wash than scrub the chair fabric. So needless to say we’re pretty excited about that!















Baby size- Cabbage according to apps. Big enough to hurt my ribs according to me.

My size- I finally gained a bit this week after going six without a single budge to the scale. And by gained a bit I mean one whole pound. I also popped more this week. I’m looking a fair amount bigger this week than I did last week. It’s crazy how it seems like you just grow over night.

My mood- Decent most of the time, though my temper and patience are much thinner than usual. And I do get cranky when I’m not feeling well for longer than I like to assume is appropriate. So, basically all the time. I’m happy-cranky.

Rings- The ring Rob ordered me came in and it fits my ring finger perfectly! I’m so happy to have something in place of my wedding rings right now. It’s a custom made piece of a mama and baby elephant, since our inspiration for Ellie’s nursery is elephants. So now I have a cute and symbolic baby ring to wear in place of my wedding rings for the rest of my pregnancy, and future ones if I have to take my rings again. After Ellie comes I plan to swap this ring to my right hand and keep wearing it.

Fit great, even when I have swollen pregnancy hands. Yup, swollen.

Symptoms- Pain. Ellie has found my rib cage and I frequently gets kicks and jabs to the inside of my rib cage. And she likes to push her back to the front of my abdominal muscles, which leaves me sore if she stays that way for too long. Or sometimes she’s feeling extra feisty and I get both at the same time. I’m also exhausted. My lack of energy now is much worse than it was during my first trimester. But regardless of how tired I am, some nights I get pregsomnia and just toss and turn all night long, which just makes me even more tire the next day.

Food cravings- My perpetual doughnut craving has re-surged, so that’s fun. Otherwise nothing too crazy right now.

Food aversions- Nothing much. I even braved a small piece of chicken at the wedding we attended over the weekend and lived to see another day.

Exercise- So far this week; spinning. I plan to elliptical and lift as well as hit my treadmill this weekend and attempt to run again.

What I’m missing- The little things, like being able to pick things up off the ground, or put on socks on the first try without grunting and fighting against my body. Anything that requires reaching past my knees is basically a lost cause right now.


What I’m loving- The excitement in my husband’s eyes when he talks about how ready he is to be a dad. I can’t wait to see him hold our tiny little daughter for the first time. It might just melt my heart beyond anything else.

Next appointment- Friday at 9:45 am. I’m going to this appointment alone since Rob has to work Friday, which is rare for him. It’s just a quick OB check though. I graduated to growth scans every four weeks, so my next one isn’t until 32 weeks. I also need to have whichever doctor I see fill out my FMLA paperwork so I can get things rolling with that at school next week.

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  1. Welcome to the 30s!!! This is where the real fun begins as it starts becoming very real that you will have a baby in the next couple months! My favorite things about the third trimester were the maternity photos, baby showers, and “excuse” to slow down (people truly understand). Enjoy all of the fun things ahead and remember to take time for you too! Now that my little one is here, time for myself is pretty much nonexistent. 🙂
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Body Image and Postpartum RecoveryMy Profile

    1. I’m happy that people are finally allowing me to slow down. I felt like for a while I wasn’t “pregnant enough” for that.

      I figure finding me time will be hard. It makes me that much more excited to be following just a little behind you in terms of newborn plus Ironman training. Hoping to channel some inspiration!

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