HDBD Week 31

Oh look, I actually wrote a post. I have been so busy and so stressed lately that I’m just feeling very done with everything right now. If I could have just one full day where I don’t put on pants or leave my bed the entire day I think I’d feel better, but since that won’t happen, oh, probably ever again in my life again at this point, I’m not holding my breath on it.

I did survive to week 31 though, which is exciting. If Little Girl comes on time then I am officially in single digit week countdowns, which is very awesome and something I’ve been looking forward too.


Baby size- A bushel of romaine lettuce. Big enough to make my stomach look like it’s having earthquakes and leave me aching and sore more days than not.

My size- I haven’t weighed myself in a couple of days, but two or three days ago I hadn’t gained any weight. The weight gain train seems to be coming to halt, which is definitely fine by me. I am, however, expanding regardless of my lack of weight gain.

My mood- Stressed. School is going to give me grays, or a nervous break down, or something. I gave 12 detentions and two additional write ups by the time I left Tuesday. I have a ton to get done, the kids are being buttholes, and I’m so exhausted my patience is nonexistent. My mood swings from early on in my pregnancy are back too. I snap quick and feel on the verge of tears over ridiculous things all day long. I’m feeling like a complete mess lately.


Rings- Around my neck, Ellie-phant ring is on my wedding ring finer.

Symptoms- Contractions. Yup. Real ones. Those are super fun. They’re mostly sporadic and I’m still getting Braxton Hicks too, so it’s a nice smattering of all sorts of contractions all day long. The real ones are mostly spread out though. I only had one instance where I debated calling after hours triage, but with a two hour round trip drive I don’t want to pull the trigger if I know it’s most likely false. Sure did leave me with some terrible back and pelvic pain though.

Food cravings- Food in general I guess. I like eating right now, even though my squished stomach can’t hold as much as my eyes wish it could. Fruit though, is the real answer. I’ve been wanting fruit the last few days. I’m happy to actually have a healthy craving for once.

Food aversions- Not much at this point.

Definitely no aversion to world famous BBQ!

Exercise- So far none, wahwah. I’ve worked ten plus hour days every day so far this week and by the time I get home I just collapse. I did, however, register for Ironman Chattanooga, so post partum has a plan even if right now is a giant clustereff.  I’ve been walking Griswold every day, so I’ll say that.

What I’m missing- My body. I have too many instances of discomfort on an emotional level at this point. I just don’t feel real anymore, not myself, it’s so weird. I really want to have my body back to myself. But even after baby comes I’ll be completely different physically so I don’t even know what to expect. And I’ll basically just be a human cow, feeding and pumping for hours on end, so I won’t really have my body back anyways.

What I’m loving- Weekends. My chance to attempt a vaguely nominal amount of sleep. This weekend is a three day weekend and after all the behavior management I’ve done at work this week, I deserve it.

Next appointment- Friday, October 16th, when I’ll be starting weekly NST appointments.