HDBD Week 32

32 weeks. Ehhhhh.

Do I really have eight more weeks left? How long is eternity? Eight weeks? That’s what I thought.


Baby size- I’ll find out for sure on Friday, but she should be over four pounds by now, my little bok choy.

My size- I finally gained a few pounds this week. After eight weeks of basically no budges on the scale it alllllll came piling on this week. A new TA at school today told me I don’t even look pregnant from behind, but she also wasn’t here last year and has no idea how wide I’ve gotten. I’d also like to the think the hands-on-the- back, please-don’t-fall-out-baby waddle I was rocking says otherwise.

My mood- Mehhhhhh. My mood swings are back. I am perpetually cranky. I’m having large swings between “I can still do all the things! Workouthouseworkschoolwork-I am not an invalid” to “Fuck this, I give up. Can I go on voluntary bed rest for the next eight weeks?” So, ya know totally normal and sane human things to swing between.

Rings- Wedding rings off, Ellie ring on.

Symptoms- Just peachy.

Oh, that doesn’t sum it up? My nausea is back with a vengeance and I’m having painful contractions. I haven’t slept more than a two hour stretch in months. And my new favorite, the bones right above my ass are on fire. ON FIRE. Like holy hurting, Batman. But yeah, peachy.

Food cravings- Comfort foods. Any and all of them. Because I’m feeling yucky and want nice things. Except my stomach is all squished and can’t hold that much food and my digestion has slowed to a crawl, so I go long stretches without feeling hungry. How I gained multiple pounds in the last week is baffling.

2015-10-12 15.42.26

Food aversions- Nothing really

Exercise- Elliptical so far.

Post run. *sigh* Running, I miss you already.

What I’m missing- Control over my own body. Not crying at the drop of a hat over stupid things that don’t matter.

What I’m loving- My husband. His excitement is keeping me sane. I am so excited to see him become a dad. He’s going to be amazing.

Next appointment- Friday for another growth scan, a non-stress test, and a check in with one my our doctors. This is the start of weekly NST’s for me, so I’ll be making lots of drives to Syracuse for lots of appointments between now and baby time. I’m really hoping my NST shows my contractions so I can have a real discussion with my doctor about what this means and what I should be doing.

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