HDBD Week 33

C’mon time, move faster please.

After this week I only have three more weeks of work left. I am looking forward to being off my feet so much. By the end of the day at school I am so sore. My hips, my back, my tailbone, hell even my bump starts to ache and hurt.

On the not cranky and complaining side of things, my baby shower is on Saturday and I’m very excited to see all my friends and family. And the teachers I work with are having a small shower at school for me to the first week of November. I’m lucky to work with some awesome people.


Baby size- According to our growth scan from Friday she’s still smack dab average at 4lbs 12oz. However, growth scans get more and more inaccurate the further into pregnancy it gets, so I’m taking it with a grain of salt, but she’s growing and that’s the important part.

My size- Gaining weight, boo. My belly definitely popped more the last couple of days. A few people have commented on it. And one poophead kid commented on how swollen and “chubby” my fingers and arms have gotten. This same kid called me chubby at the end of the year shortly after announcing my pregnancy. THANKS, Kid.

My mood- I’m trying to stay positive. It’s hard when everything hurts and I just want to be in my bed with my heating pad. But if baby is on time then  have less than 50 days to go, so I’m trying to stay focused and just get through my days one at a time.

Pouty face in pouty. She is not a fan of ultrasounds. Good news for her, only one left!
Pouty face in pouty. She is not a fan of ultrasounds. Good news for her, only one left!

Rings- I miss my wedding rings so, so much. I just want to put them back on at this point.

Symptoms- Mostly just pain and discomfort that has become constant. My hips hurt the most at night in bed. I cannot get comfortable and I feel bad because I usually whimper or mutter “ow’s” under my breath as I shift around, causing Rob to make sure I’m okay. I also developed some third trimester snoring. It’s bad too, but it seems to mostly be if I’m on my back. I’ll be happy when that goes away after birth.

Food cravings- Comfort foods. All the comfort foods. Vegetables are for rabbits.

Food aversions- None

Exercise- Walking so far this week. My tailbone says NO to the gym. I’d like to consider putting sock on as a workout now too. It generally takes me about 3-4 attempts per foot to get them on. Very frustrating and more stretching and contorting than a Cirque Du Soleil show.

Griswold still does not understand this weekly game, but he at least *mostly* cooperates.

What I’m missing- Being able to reach past my knees. I want to wear capris today but I don’t even know if I can shave all the way down my calves anymore…

What I’m loving- The light at the end of the tunnel. Only three more weeks of work and only seven more weeks until baby time. I’m just ready for all of it to happen. All though I look at the multiple to do lists I have and get a panic attack because I’m not ready. But it feels that way.

Next appointment- Friday for another weekly NST and meeting with Dr. Brown for a second week in a row.

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    1. Yes, it’s crazy! The tech already pointed out how full her lips are, which means she gets those from my husband. I can’t believe they can see that kind of detail

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