HDBD Week 35

It seems as though I may only have a few of these updates left at this point. In reality I could have another 5-7 of them, but it’s looking less likely I will make it to December. Maybe. Supposedly.

First thing’s first, an update from last week’s appointment.

I packed my hospital bag last week, then at the last second I left it behind. I said to Rob, “It’s not like I’m going to go into labor today.” Granted, I did not. But it is a looming, impending reality now. Maybe. Supposedly.

Got hooked up to the NST machine and they left me on there for about an hour, much longer than usual. It was registering contractions about 10-15% stronger than the week before. And they were coming on fast too. Finally the doctor grabbed me up and I ended up getting a cervical check. My contractions were strong enough to be a concern and coming roughly every ten minutes, timing indicative of labor. Thankfully though my cervix was still closed, the only reason I was not bounced to L&D at that point.

All the NST’s! Bare belly is out and everywhere.

The doctor told me no more work. I said I have some non-negotiable work that needs finishing up. She made a “you teachers” comment about how we’re so hard to pry from our classrooms. Hey, thank Governor Cuomo. Thanks to him I have lots of common core related stuff to get done before I can leave work. And I don’t even teach a common core course. I bartered a bit. She wrote me a note for work release and I was able to go in on Monday and get everything I needed done. Told my principal and HR that it would be my last day. But Friday Doctor made it sound like I was going to go into labor at any second, told me no more work and was adamant about it, told me I needed to be on modified rest, and scheduled me to come back in on Tuesday for a follow up appointment.

So yesterday rolls around and we show up for a first thing 8am appointment. But today I’m not seeing Friday Doctor because that’s the joy of going to a practice with rotating on call doctors. For this appointment I’m seeing Dr. Super Chill. My NST shows similar strength and frequency of contractions, but even so he pulls me off after only 20 minutes. He says everything looks fine, that I could stay mostly active, and basically rolled his eyes at Friday Doctor.

So at this point I’m pretty confused and frustrated. I have no idea what to expect, no idea if I should be concerned about my contractions, no idea if I should rest more or if I can do my usual level of activity just nothing.

What I do know is that I have 10 more days until I hit 37 weeks and then it is GAME ON. The eviction process will start and I will do whatever it takes to shake this kid OUT. Until then though, I’m officially off work until my maternity leave ends, and there’s plenty for me to get done at home so I’m going to make the most of this time.


Baby size- Honeydew, or spaghetti squash, or some other round and heavy fruit, vegetable, whatever. I don’t care. She’s getting bigger, that’s the important part. We’ll have a growth scan next week to check on her.

My size- Discomfort Code Red. Aside from just being big and uncomfortable, I gained a whopping 3lbs in 24 hours 6lbs in one week(!), and I know it’s all fluid retention. My feet, fingers, wrists, face, it’s all beyond swollen. The amount I’m going to the bathroom is decreasing noticeably even though the amount of fluid I’m taking in is still consistent and high. But my blood pressure is still nice and low, so it’s not pre-eclampsia related. My body obviously just hates me.

My mood- Frantic. Stressed. Anxious. Annoyed. Uncertain. Friday was a huge eye opener that we are having a baby, and probably soon. It suddenly feels very real now. My desire to work up to a certain point has faded and now all I want is to be home trying to get things ready for this baby to come. It’s like I just swapped one stressor for another. I feel like once she’s here it should calm down. Or maybe not because let’s be real, I have no idea what to do with a newborn.

Rings- Wedding rings off, Ellie ring still on, but tight thanks to my new found swelling.

Symptoms- Contractions, still, always. My back/hip/cervix hurt and ache constantly. My snoring has started chasing hubby away into the guest room in the middle of night. Swelling. Just a lot of general discomfort at this point. My emotions are really high, which I think is a lot of the reason I’m feeling very sour about the whole follow up appointment and getting two completely different answers from two different doctors.

Food cravings- I’ve been eating a lot of comfort type foods lately. And a lot of Halloween candy. But now I’m craing some veggies and fresh foods so today I’m heading to Wegmans to pick up everything I need to make hummus and veggie pita sandwiches. Mmmmmm.

Food aversions- Nada


Exercise- Walking is all I’ve done lately, but now that I’m off work and not necessarily on restrictions in terms of activity, maybe, supposedly, I’m hoping to get back in the pool. I’d love to swim, I’m sure it would help with some of my aches and pains to be weightless for an hour a couple of times a week.

What I’m missing- Normal human things, like being able to walk more than five minutes without feeling exhausted, or being able to sit on any chair or bench or whatever without hurting and readjusting every 30 seconds because I can’t sit up straight, or lean forward, or lean too far back, or whatever. I need my big body pillow to sleep at night and I need a blanket rolled up behind my lower back on the couch. In the car I have the seat leaned pretty far back and keep the seat warmers on regardless of weather or temperature to help ease the pain in my back and hips. I just want to sit without feeling like I’m suffering.

What I’m loving- I’m finally getting some nesting urges. I washed all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes the other day. Plus we went out to Henrietta and picked up all the rest of the necessities we needed. The nursery needs a few last little touches, some cleaning and organizing, and it’ll be ready. I also plan to spend a good amount of time cleaning our house and getting it all pulled together. And I want to make some freezer meals for Rob and I to eat during those first few weeks while we adjust to life with a newborn, so I have some cooking to do.

Next appointment- Friday the 13th, time TBD. They didn’t have any large enough openings for me when we checked out yesterday and they were supposed to call by the end of the day and didn’t, so I need to call them. But we have to have an NST, growth scan, blood work, and cultures. It’ll be a long appointment with lots of moving pieces, so it seems scheduling me is a bear. But they need to figure it out, so yeah.

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