HDBD Week 36

36 weeks. I have survived to tick off another week on my shirt. Baby is still cooking nicely regardless of how I feel. Just taking things one day at a time.

So much swelling. My face is so round and puffy, yuck.

After the fiasco that was two very confusing back to back appointments last week, I ended up at the doctors for a third time in seven days. They had called me about scheduling our growth scan, which they did not have openings for when we left on Tuesday. They wanted me to see Dr. Super Chill again and I politely asked them to schedule me with someone else. I explained how we had an appointment on Friday then a follow up on Tuesday where we were given very conflicting and opposing information about my health. I was frustrated and unsure of what I could and could not do at this point and wanted to see someone who was not either of the previous two doctors so I could get a final verdict on my current condition. I also mentioned my extreme and sudden increase in swelling. Between the confusing information about my health and the swelling they ended up asking me to come in to get everything cleared up and make sure I wasn’t developing pre-eclampsia.

Cue my fourth NST. They left me hooked up to this one for about an hour. It showed regular contractions, roughly every ten minutes, just like my previous ones. This one had a couple of doosies though, one even registered over 80% in strength. Finally they pulled me off and we met with Dr. Bailey, who we’ve met before and I like. She said it was good I’m not working but that I don’t really have to be heavily restricting my activity like I was originally told. I also can’t say I’m fine, since I’m not, like Dr. Super Chill insinuated because at the end of the day I’m still high risk. She was pretty middle of the road with me and the consensus we came to was one productive thing per day around the house, some easy walks with Griswold, some easy errands. Nothing strenuous and I should still be spending a good portion of my day resting with my feet up to help with the swelling.


Baby size- Big enough to have her head smashed into my cervix and her rump protruding from the top of my abdomen like a permanent bowling ball under my skin. We’ll have a better idea on Friday when we go for our final growth scan. She should be over 6 lbs by now though, give or take considering growth scans can be off by as much as 1-2lbs.

My size- Stay Puft Marshmellow Man status. All of me is super bloated and swollen and I’m happy to just hide at home under a big hoodie most days. After gaining 6lbs in six days from all the swelling, everything seems to have finally evened out at least. My swelling is constant but generally never gets worse. Granted it never really gets better either. I mostly hate how puffy my face is though, ugh. I look sooooo doughy and squishy and yucky.

My mood- I’m sure everyone can take a solid guess at how I feel most days if you read the above paragraph. Most days I just feel ginormous and useless since I can’t do much. I can barely get off the couch, out of bed, up the stairs, all of it is difficult and often times painful. Rob helped me put my shoes on the other day. He’s been asking if I want help for days and I keep stubbornly saying no even though bending over that far hurts. I’m pretty frustrated that menial tasks wear me out. I’m just tired.

This is me, every day. Hardest part of my day by far.
This is me, every day. Hardest part of my day by far.

Rings- Wedding rings off. Ellie ring on, but tight. Thanks swelling.

Symptoms- Everything. Mostly contractions and lightening crotch and pain. I had a horrible contraction fit Sunday night that lasted about three hours and if I didn’t get them under control by the time Rob got home from work around 10pm I was going to call it. I could barely make it through the grocery store I was in so much pain. They were constant and strong. After about three hours I managed to work them down to tolerable, which means not real labor and I’m glad I didn’t panic and make Rob come home from work and drive us the hour out to Syracuse. I’ve been fighting bouts of contraction on and off since, but since my cervix was still closed on Friday so I’m refusing to put any stock in them at this point. When I’m not fighting off contractions I’m grabbing at my pubic bones trying to somehow, apparently, reach my cervix because it feels like it’s on fire all the time. I better be dilated on Friday so all this cervical pain and pressure and all these contractions aren’t for naught.

Food cravings- A prenatal massage. Oh wait, no, that’s not food. I want all the food right now, that’s for sure. But I mostly want a massage. The price tag is causing me to hesitate scheduling one, but dammit it is really on the forefront of my brain most days and I will probably give in if I can’t shake the idea out of my head. Until then I’m going to continue eating the whole wheat vodka sauce pasta bake and pumpkin cheesecake that Ellie insists we want.

Food aversions- Nothing really. I’m feeling very snacky and appetitey lately. Probably because my stomach is super squished and barely holds anything, so I feel the constant need to graze since I can’t eat normal meal portions anymore. Nothing we own is good for grazing on though.

Exercise- Walking. Just trying to keep up some walking and not turn into complete mush.

What I’m missing- Feeling human. Just feeling human. Enough said.

What I’m loving- That I will be full term on Sunday. Then it’s eviction time. Sorry Ellie, but mama wants you OUT.

Next appointment- Friday for our final growth scan, another NST, and an OB check since they ended up doing my blood work and cultures this week when I went in for the gazillionth time.

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    1. Thanks! I’m just taking things day by day and trying to muscle through these last few weeks.

    1. Ha, yeah, hump day bump day. The shirt has been fun to use for weekly pictures =)

    1. I actually ended up going for a massage today thanks to a few kind friends who wanted to pamper me.I hope you’re doing well adjusting to motherhood =)

    1. I did end up going today for a massage =) Thanks for always being so supportive!

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