HDBD Week 8

Happy Hump Day Bump Day!

It’s Wednesday, so I figured I could throw in a weekly pregnancy update since that is going to be such a consuming part of my life for the next seven months.


Not too much going on right now, other than my stomach is on revolt and I am tired. So tired all the time.

Baby size: Baby is the size of a raspberry right now at 8w3d.

Weight gain: I’ve put on about 3-4lbs since getting my positive test about three weeks or so ago. I’ve just sort of been bouncing the same few pounds around. It’s pretty much all bloat based on how distended my typically pretty flat midsection looks.

Rings: On. My rings are generally pretty secure around my finger as it is. I imagine with more weight gain, bloat, and summer heat this may very well change sooner rather than later.

Symptoms: Nausea. Oh the nausea. I’ve missed two half days of work at this point thanks to dry heaving, retching, and one round of late night vomiting. I should hear back today from my OB about whether or not they can call me in some Zofran without me having to come by for a weight check first. Aside from that I’m very tired and any day I’m not at work I easily get a 1-2+ hour nap in. Bloating, my boobs hurt, all that fun crap.

Food cravings: Bland carbs and fruit. Lots of pasta and bread type foods. I made a three pound bag of red potatoes into mashed potatoes just to have something precooked on hand at all times. I’m anxiously looking forward to my second trimester when I can hopefully eat like a regular human again. Also, watermelon seems to help soothe my tummy, so I need to buy a whole lot of that.

Food aversions: Meat and veggies. I’ve had chicken like two or three times in the last three weeks and veggies two or three times. That’s about it. I just can’t wrap my mind around these two food groups right now.

Exercise: Not much. I was hoping to get back in the gym and pool this week, but until I get my stomach situated I may have to continue holding out. We are doing the BASE Race again at the end of May, so at some point I need to get running again regardless of how my stomach feels. I haven’t run since Seneca7 and the longer I put it off the worse it’s going to feel.

Next appointment: May 11. This is the appointment where I have to give a urine sample, have a pap and culture, and give six vials of blood. SIX. I was advised to eat well before coming since that’s a ridiculous amount of blood to part with. We’ll also be getting another ultrasound and decide if we want any genetic testing done.

That’s all the major baby updates at this point. We’re completely “out” now, so that feels great. Rob and I are both pretty awful at keeping secrets, so it’s nice not to sit on this. I have no idea how I ever would at this point. Hopefully I can get at least one or two workouts in before the week is over. I did take Grizzy for a walk last night. My stomach grouched a little, but it wasn’t terrible. If I can really get my gut under control I am hoping and praying to be out on my bike this week. I’m only going to get a few more weeks on Finley, I’d like to take advantage while I can.

Mom readers, tell me about working out while pregnant. New territory for me!

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  1. I hope your food aversions are short-lived and that you can get back to eating normally soon. And that you can start being able to stomach the workouts you want to do 🙂

    For your ring issue, when it becomes an issue, you can get pretty cheap silicone rings to wear so you don’t feel naked without a ring. They are all I wear anymore because I can GORUCK, lift, and run races with them. Qalo is the brand I wear if you’re interested.
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…What is GORUCK and Why?My Profile

    1. I did plan to get a filler ring once mine get too tight. I will look into those, thanks!

  2. Certainly talk to your doctor about working out but you should also listen to your body. There are many women who continue to teach workout classes into the 9th month. And you may be able to ride your bike a lot longer than you think unless you only have an aero setup then you might be out of luck once the belly gets too big 🙂 You know your body best.
    And as far as the ring, you could buy a CZ ring to wear. I purchased a diamond cluster ring in a larger size at a jewelry store that was going out of business. I recently traded it in on an anniversary band and got $200 for it. More than I paid for it!

    1. I do have an aero bike that I primarily ride, but if it means I can ride longer I might swap my pedals to my roadie and get it tuned up and ready for the road.

      Thanks for all the input!

  3. I’m so happy for you! And excited! You probably know all my thoughts on pregnancy and exercise by now. Do what you can, when you can, and your body will let you know when to stop. I consistently ran and weight-lifted up until I was about 7.5 months, and my body definitely let me know when it was done. Even then I walked a few miles every day. Just have fun and rest when you need to!

    1. You are my pregnancy fitness idol! I think of you often whenever I start to think about my pregnant fitness regimen. I will definitely let my body do the talking for me. Thank you =)

  4. wow…congratulations…I have been so busy at work (teaching also) that I missed this! I did tris up until my fourth month (sprint-type distances) and rode until by 6th and then ran/walked until I got so big all I wanted to do was pee-so I swam a lot up until the end. Felt best in the water (almost normal) and not like the huge beached whale I became!

    1. What kind of bike did you ride up until six months? I know my belly will get in the way on my TT, so I might have to get my roadie back to road riding shape. I’ve read so many mixed opinions on riding after you start showing, so I don’t see any tri’s in my season this year, but I’m hoping to run and swim for as long as my body will let me.

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