HDBD Week 9

It’s Wednesday again. Really..? My weeks feel like they’re crawling by and like time is practically standing still, but at the same time I keep being caught off guard by the days. But it is in fact Wednesday, so here’s a quick bump update.


Baby size-¬†Baby is 9w3d and the size of a green olive, or cherry, or grape depending on which pregnancy app you look at. So many baby sized fruit options. Who’da thunk it.

Weigh gain- Ehhhhh, I’m avoiding the scale right now. I may have put another pound or two on, but my tummy is so angry right now I don’t know what’s real weight and what’s bloat and angry insides

Rings- On and still fitting fine

Symptoms- My morning sickness is letting up significantly. It’s pretty on and off now and my eating is leveling off and becoming more normal both in terms of my typical calorie intake and typical food I eat.

Food cravings-¬†Nothing really right now. I wanted chicken parm for a few days but didn’t feel like making it because I’m feeling totally skeeved out by raw chicken. Thankfully our band teacher brought in left overs from her surprise birthday party that included chicken parm. And it was delicious! Also, fruit. I am loving me some fruit lately.

Food aversions- Raw meat, chicken other than fried for some reason, so I’m just more or less avoiding it, and most veggies.

Exercise- This week so far just walks for Grizzy. I’m planning to run today and either run or swim Thursday.

Next appointment- Monday! It’s the big visit with lots of blood, urine, cultures, another ultrasound, all that fun stuff.

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