Holiday Happiness and New Year Goals

Hello! Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had awesome holidays so far. I know I did. 

My husband and families totally outdid themselves this year! I got lots of triathlon and non-triathlon related things for Christmas that I am very excited about. 

Tri related gifts from my amazing husband. I got lots of non-tri goodies too! He rocks!

Also not shown that is tri related that hubby got me is The Triathlete’s Training Bible. It’s basically a training text book, but I’ve already made a dent in it and plan to read the whole thing. I’ll probably be tweaking my training plan too. 

Another reason I’m probably going to be adjusting my training plan is if I can get my fitness tested. The sub-specialist doctor I’m scheduled to see in a few weeks also does all sorts of fitness related lab testing such as VO2 max and unique heart rate zones. I plan to call and ask to have both of those done while I’m there. I use Garmin’s generic heart rate zones but they definitely aren’t specific enough to my level of fitness. Granted right now my fitness is a bit tanked from all my injury downtime, but still. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot in terms of how to incorporate it into my training and this is just too good of an opportunity not to jump on it. 

And speaking of injuries, I think I’m just about clear on my calf at this point. It’s feeling about 98% better. Every now and then I step funny and feel it nag, but otherwise I think I’m in the clear and I plan to get back to working out this week then going full on into training the following week as long as everything feels all right. And as for my bike crash incident, my left shoulder definitely took the brunt of the fall and was hurting pretty badly for a few days there. Otherwise, the bruise on my left shin is huge! Probably the biggest bruise I’ve ever had. And that’s coming from someone who played an offensive position in rugby for a few years. 

On a different note, the new year is quickly approaching and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want out of 2014. At this point I’m thinking my athletic related 2014 goals are looking to be something like this:

  1. Finish my first 70.3 (preferably sub-6 hours)
  2. Place top ten in my age group at Iron Girl Syracuse
  3. Run a minimum of 1000 miles for the year
  4. Bike/spin at least 2500 miles for the year
  5. Learn to swim like a non-loser
  6. Volunteer at Ironman Chattanooga (and secure 2015 race slot!)
  7. Workout at least twice per month with the tri club
  8. Lose weight
I’m thinking all of these are pretty doable with some work ethic. The biggest question mark is definitely that sub-6 hour 70.3. It’s possible for sure, but with how hilly the Ironman Syracuse course is it will definitely be a difficult one. I know I’ll be happy just to finish and realistically sub-7 is very achievable for me, but damn if I wouldn’t love to run a sub-6 half iron out of the gate.

Someone send some umph my way please

The Iron Girl one should be pretty easy (I say that now). I placed 29/105 this past year and that was with a terrible swim and a 5k (barely) over the 30 minute mark. If I can get my swim under control enough to shave 3-4 minutes off and get my run sub-30 minutes I’ll be in good shape. Throw in my new, fast and light TT bike on that super flat course and I should kill the bike leg.  

As for that last one, I mostly just want to drop the bit I’ve gained over the last few months while I suffered through a bout of no motivation followed by the never end string of injuries. The noticeable difference in efficiency of my workouts with the added weight is astonishing. So it needs to go away and I need to get back down to race weight to accomplish goals one and two. 

Okay, I’m getting rambley. Posts will be light and sporadic again this week with the New Year holiday smack dab in the middle of the week. But I will be back in full force and in serious training mode after the first of the year. 

What are your fitness goals for 2014?
Any that are more attainable than others and which are you going to have to seriously work for? 
Favorite gift you got this holiday?

8 Replies to “Holiday Happiness and New Year Goals”

  1. Yay for the awesome Christmas gifts! And I love your goals for next year. I still have to figure out what I’m doing next year, I know you have all of your races planned out already!

  2. Those are some great goals. I haven’t really sat down and thought much past April. My biggest fitness goal is to train smart and get to the finish line of the Boston Marathon happy and healthy on April 21st. Anything after that race will be determined afterwards.

  3. It looks like you received some great gifts. I JUST ordered the Tri Training Bible off Amazon (thank you). My goal in 2014 is to complete a few Ironman 70.3s, including IM Boise and the Pacific Crest Triathlon, and to qualify for Boston (my biggest challenge)!

  4. Oops, meant to add that it looks like we’re on the same race/training schedule for next year! Looking forward to following your posts…..and hearing more about rides on your new bike – jealous!! Here’s to 2014 and setting new limits!

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