I Run Because

I hope you ran yesterday, readers. I know I did. It may not have been on my training plan, but I still logged a short run after all my other training was done. 

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. I ran for the 3 who were killed and 264 others who were injured and I hope everyone else did too. Such a terrible occurrence at such a wonderful, monumental event. One of my Junebug friends who is a massage therapist works the Boston finish line every year and when those bombs went off I sat in the Wegmans dining area in complete shock and disbelief, hoping she and everyone else there were okay. And she was, thankfully, but the race and so many other’s lives will never be the same. 

Athletes are an amazing group of people. We all work towards a common goal of bettering ourselves and hopefully inspiring others through our efforts. Athletes are strong willed, determined, and full of so much zest. Bombing a race was a poor decision though because if there’s one group of people who will rise and preserver in the face of adversity, it’s athletes. 

I ran twice on Monday. With Seneca7’s less than two weeks away I thought getting in a split run would be a good idea. And I did not have a run on my plan for Tuesday, but I ran anyways. I ran because I can. I ran for those who cannot. I ran because some day, hopefully many decades from now, my body will say enough. But that day was not yesterday, it is not today, and it will not be tomorrow. 

And now, after you were all probably bombarded with Boston stuff all day yesterday, and now I’ve sapped all over here today, I will lighten the mood some with cute puppies. 

My parents are getting a new great dane puppy in June after having to put my childhood dane down a few months ago. Their new puppy is the middle gray one. So much cute!

Did you run yesterday? How far and how was it?

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  1. Not only did I run yesterday, but I had a great run yesterday (even better…right)!! I ran an hour on the treadmill (as crazy winds and rain were happening outside) and logged just over 7 miles. It felt great to run…because I can!!

  2. I also tried to run last night. 2 days post HM – my partner and I did an hour swim set and then hopped on the mill with no stretching or anything. I was limping so badly I didn’t make it to 2.62. But I tried!!!!

  3. I’m resting a hurt foot at the moment, but I just went to the doctor and he taped it up and told me to run on it. It killed me not being able to run yesterday in honor of Boston so I’m going to run today and dedicate my miles to Boston!

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