One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Ironman

I’ve had this post sitting half written in my drafts for months now and I am so excited to finally be able to publish it!

I’ve made it abundantly clear, if you’ve even so much as stumbled across this blog for more than 30 seconds, that my ultimate goal here is IRONMAN Chattanooga 2015. It’s no secret that’s for sure. 

Chattanooga is my first choice for my first full iron for a few reasons. One being it’s where Rob and I want to eventually move to, settle, raise our family, whatever. Also, most of his extended family lives there, so I’d have a built in cheering squad who would be easily able to come and go over the course of race day. And I think I’ve talked one of said family members into racing with me. Albeit, Chattanooga wasn’t even an officially announced or known race location for Ironman when I first set about this idea and I had visions of Lake Placid, local to me, in my head. 

So when the universe originally opened up and the triathlon Gods smiled upon us and said Chattanooga will be a new Ironman host location, Lake Placid dreams washed away and Chattanooga was my new dream. And then when the registration process crashed and burned miserably, I was grateful not to be involved and most likely heart broken. 

So my new plan was still to race IM Chattanooga, but in 2015. A few days after the registration fiasco I approached Rob with a question and our conversation went something like this-

Me: How would you feel about me wanting to volunteer at Ironman Chattanooga?
Rob: When is it?
Me: Not until September 2014, so it’s still over a year away.
Rob: Is it a weekend?
Me: It’ll be on a Sunday. It’ll guarantee me a race slot for 2015, and at a reduced rate too. 
Rob: Okay. I’ll do it too. We’ll do it together.
Me: *delighted squealing*

Seriously, how does a girl get so damn lucky!? I can’t believe how supportive and loving my husband is sometimes when I start doling out the crazy. He is definitely the man for me a million times over *swoon*

And now, it’s done. Volunteer registration opened on Saturday and the deed is done. 

I got on to Ironman’s website on Saturday and register both of us to volunteer at IM Chattanooga on September 28, 2014. We’re signed up to hand out gear bags in transition so it should be really exciting. AND, I got to check “YES”  on the “do you plan to register for IRONMAN Chattanooga 2015?”

So, as long as I show up and pay my volunteering dues I’ll be 100% locked in for IMChoo 2015! 

One step closer to the dream.

8 Replies to “One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Ironman”

  1. Awesome plan and so neat how your wish came true! I am training for my first IM…Lake Placid. I had to endure the on-line race sign up and it was so nerve racking! At the time I signed up, they had not yet announced IRONMAN Chattanooga, I had just heard rumors that one was going to be announced in the Southeast, but I decided to not wait for the official announcement. Since I live in NC, Chattanooga would have been much close for me, but I am so glad I did not wait since they ended up having the crazy on-line registration issues! It is very cool that you will get to volunteer and then race the following year! So much to look forward to! BTW…I love the small steps, big dreams quote/pic!

  2. That’s SO exciting that you are getting one step closer to your dream. I love that you are paying attention to the little details and smaller goals along the way that will help you get there. Go get it girl!

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