IMChoo, 12 Week Count Down

Oh hi.

Life is finally settling down. Thankfully. I’m hoping to just relax and enjoy my summer break now. We still have house stuff going on, but the bulk of the demand of meetings and work involved is more or less over.

We’ve also moved in with my parents. And we’ll be with them until mid November when we can move into our new house. We’ve been here just over a week now and we’re all starting to figure out the dynamics of living together. Never thought I’d be 28 and living back at home, but here I am. It’s a good thing though, there’s a shiny new house in our immediate future.


This week didn’t go as I had planned, but it was okay. It took the week to kind of figure out how to fit in workouts around being home alone with the baby and having others watch her while I head out, but I think I’ve got it pretty much worked out. I hope.

Monday- I got on my bike trainer, but my sit bones were aching from my previous mess of a long ride, so I made it a “recovery” ride of only 30 minutes. Whompwhomp. 8 miles, 16.2 mph

Tuesday- I did a 3 mile run. I have no running routes anymore given we’ve moved, so it’s going to take me some time to figure out where and how to run to cover certain distances. My new neighborhood is still being developed and what is done so far is pretty small, so it took my multiple laps through and a jaunt out onto the main road just to get a 3 miler in. I’ll have to find new ways to run, I’ll be bored stupid running multiple laps around my street just to struggling to cover 3 miles. I had a good run though with splits of 11:38, 11:14, and 10:49 respectively. 3 miles, 11:10/mile

Miscommunication and poor timing cost me Wednesday. Unfortunate but true.

Thursday- I wised up, put Ellie and the BOB in my car, and headed over to Onondaga Lake Park. I did a 3 mile run through the park with the stroller, which delighted Ellebutt. So while driving 20 minutes to the park isn’t ideal, it’s going to be how I get my mid week runs in from now I think. Then I don’t have to wait around to rely on other people to watch Ellie while I run. And running with the stroller will make me stronger and faster. My splits were 12:18, 11:32, and 11:21 respectively. 3 miles,  11:43/mile


Sunday- Loaded up my bike and headed back out to OLP. There’s enough mileage of trails that I wouldn’t have to leave the park at all. Granted it’s mostly flat, but that just forces me to pedal without stopping, unlike hilly terrain. And OLP is super bike friendly, so I was happy to ride solo somewhere safe. I parked at the dog park and biked from there down to the salt museum, went around the turn around and headed back, then turned up the bridge to cross to the other side of the lake. The west shore line was desolate so I was able to pick up the pace a little more. The west shore trail was recently extended and now it goes all th way to the state fair grounds. I turned around at the fair and back tracked to the salt museum and then the dog park. The whole loop was just over 20 miles, which is perfect. It’s a beautiful ride and there’s some challenging head winds that come off the lake through some stretches. It was a good ride.


I was in a bit of a mood when I left and never gave Rob or my parents a time frame, so I just did the one 20 mile loop. I’m going to start going to the park for my long rides and just doing as many of those loops as I have to.


As for where my training is at; I haven’t made a choice about Musselman yet. And it’s a week from tomorrow. So odds are I’ll probably suffer through the 70.3, but I could still ask to back down. I’ll make my choice in the next day or two.

Despite my decision on Musselman, I’m still forging ahead towards Chattanooga. I have two monthly goals that I’m setting for myself and as soon as I miss them I will concede, but as long as I meet them I can still do this. My July goals are 60+ miles on the bike and 10+ miles running by the end of the month. For August it’ll be 100+ mile ride on my bike and 14-16+ miles for a long run. All my swims from here on out will be open water swims over at Oneida Shores, where Iron Girl Syracuse takes place, only a few miles from where we’re living and building our new house.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I know I have this in me, it’s just time to finally buckle down and do this now that house stuff and moving and school are shaking out and slowing down. Time to power through.

What was your best workout this week?

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