IMCHOO Training Week Five

Another week down. Another week where things weren’t perfect, but I did what I could.


Monday- Got in a decent amount of saddle time. I did a 75 minute zone two ride with a five minute all out sprint at the one hour mark. Nothing too exciting, but I do need more saddle time, so getting in a long ride early in the week was good. 23 miles, 18.3 mph


Tuesday- Took Ellie out in the stroller for what i hoped would be an easy run. Nope. My body was tired. I was struggling. Ellie had decided that sleeping through the night is for the birds and had been getting up every hour. EVERY HOUR. I was freaking exhausted and it was evident during this run. I cut my run shorter then intended. At least I tried. 1.5 miles, 11:57/mile

Despite being exhausted, I wanted to ride Wednesday, at least for like 30 minutes. I put Ellie to bed then dwaddled, which I guess was a good thing, because she woke up 30 minutes later screaming and was basically inconsolable until about 9pm. I never got on my bike and once she finally calmed down and went back to sleep, I went to bed myself.

Thursday- Run attempt number two. Ellie slept a little better after her crying fit, so I thought I’d brave another stroller run. I made sure to include running up the Castle Street hill too, just to make sure I did a minimum of two miles and got in a hard run. I felt better on this run and ended it feeling decent. 2.5 miles, 11:59/mile


Saturday- My last workout for this week. I had a long fun of seven miles on my plan. This was to be my first long run over six miles, which I had stayed at for the last three weeks. I had a full week of basically zero sleep under my belt, so I knew I was in for a difficult run before I even started out. Only mile and a half in I was cursing my run and questioning if I could muscle through all seven miles. And eventually I did, but man, it was rough. I stopped for a minute at miles 2, 4, and 5.5 to swig my water and catch my breath. My body just fought this run. A week of sleepless nights does not make for good running.

Exhausted. Running is hard.
Exhausted. Running is hard.

I’m really proud of myself for getting through this run. I’m also really proud that I’m not even six months postpartum yet and I’m running this far. Thank you, body. My splits were 11:57, 11:56, 11:29, 11:44, 12:02, 11:38, and 11:10 respectively. I’m fine with that given I felt like shit the whole run. 7 miles, 11:42/mile

This week is going to be a little off, but I will hopefully log plenty of miles both on my feet and in the saddle regardless. Swimming, we will meet again someday. Someday.

What was your best workout this week?

How do you mentally get yourself through a difficult workout?

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  1. I did back to back tris this weekend (Oly and sprint) and placed in both…of course in my AG there are only 3 competitors so there’s that….

    I have to say though…with your mileage I wouldn’t even attempt in Oly much less a half or full….do you have an Oly or 70.3 worked in there for a gauge at what you are facing in Sept? I train 7-9 hours a week working full time and am limiting myself to sprints and olympics ONLY. Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but I would hate to see a DNF or a DNS because of injury as the “ramp up” is going to be HUGE here in a few weeks…
    cheryl recently posted…10 Truths of No-Bullshit Triathlon Training.My Profile

    1. Great job on your races!

      I do have a sprint and a half on my schedule prior to Choo. I’m aware that I’m currently low on mileage. I’m 5.5 months post c-section and had an injury prior to getting pregnant. A slow build phase is intentional, albeit I do have more on my plan then I managed to accomplish this week. Full time work and having a baby make training difficult some days. That said, my husband and I are both off for the summer and he is highly supportive of my ironman chase and will help with the baby however is needed in order for me to train. I’m not too worried at this point, I know I still have time. I’m in the “just finish” camp anyways. I know how I have trained for distance races in the past that has worked for me.

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