IMCHOO Training Week Four

This week was the longest week EVER. I’m certain someone slipped an extra day or two into it somewhere. I mean, I was questioning my sanity on my drive to work Friday morning because I was sure it couldn’t possibly still be a week day and that I should still be home sleeping.

Today stands to be a stressful day again, but after this work should get better. I can just relax and try to keep myself and my kiddos sane as the tunnel vision to summer break comes down the pike.


This was not a good training week for me.

I only got in three workouts. Three. I am training for a 144.6 mile race, right? Because this ain’t gonna cut it.

Monday- Baby went to bed kind of late, so my trainer ride had to be shortened. I had hoped to get in my long ride early in the week before getting worn out over the week, but that wasn’t going to happen. I did a 45 minute sprint interval workout. It was a good workout even if it wasn’t my intended one. 14 miles, 18.5 mph

Wednesday- Ellie and I headed out for a run together. I made sure to hit the Castle hill, so my first mile plus was straight uphill. That is so tough with to do while pushing a 20lbs stroller of dead weight. But I know these runs are paying off, even if they’re short and slow. 2.5 miles, 12:08/mile

Saturday- So tired. Soooooo tired. Ellie has been on and off with her sleep. Some nights she sleeps straight through, other nights she is up literally every single hour. Friday night was an “up every hour” night. I was exhausted, but I was determined to go out and run something. I told myself no less then four miles, no matter what. My plan called for six, but I didn’t think I had that in me.

I have a perfect four mile loop that I’ve run countless times that loops me through the top of town and weaves through neighborhoods before taking me home, so I set out on that path. And when my first mile, all uphill, clocked in at sub-12 and I felt good, I thought “okay, four miles should be pretty doable.”

And it was. I even made a few different turns during my run knowing it would put me over four miles. And once I had made the conscious decision to do more than four miles, I felt like that was no excuse to not push to six miles. I even headed back up the Castle hill a second time during mile four. And I ended up back in my driveway right at six miles, having not taken a single walk break and seeing my best postpartum average pace for any run of any distance thus far. So tired I was, but this was easily my best run yet.  My splits were 11:53, 11:36, 11:33, 11:44, 11:46, and 10:47 respectively, with an average pace of 11:34 per mile. I felt like I could have kept running when I was done and felt absolutely great about this run. Awesome. 6 miles, 11:34/mile


Pros and cons of this week- new running shoes! My current Zoots had seen many a runs all while I was pregnant. Many of those runs while I was a big old third trimester, off balance pregglie. They were definitely past their prime. My run on Saturday was my first one in my new, shockingly green Zoots and my legs felt phenomenal. No shin pain, no calf tenderness, no tightness, none of it. New shoes were definitely necessary.

I’m really happy I held my long runs at six miles for a few weeks in a row. The goal there was to give my body time to re acclimate to running distance again and I feel confident that this paid off. My run this Saturday felt too good to not see the benefit from this planning. So, now it’s finally time to start creeping my distance up. After all, Musselman 70.3 is only 76 days away and Ironman Chattanooga is only 145 days away. But who’s counting.

Swimming. No Sunday tri club swim ended up happening and apparently we’re on hiatus until the end of May. The pool at my school district is currently closed. Some part is broken and waiting to be replaced. So neither of my two planned swims happened. The hope is that the high school pool gets fixed this week, but otherwise I have no idea how I’m going to swim for the next month. So that is definitely less then ideal.

This week I’m tentatively holding out hope for a Friday morning swim with Danielle, a fellow triathlete teacher who currently holds a pro card and will kick my ass, at the high school. Otherwise I’ll be riding my bike Monday and Wednesday, outdoor run with the stroller Tuesday, brick in the basement Thursday, and a long run of seven miles Saturday.

What was your best workout this week?

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  1. Awesome run lady!! Getting those negative splits for the most part, strong one! I’m loving seeing your training updates! You’re kicking butt and taking names!

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to kick some butt, but it’s not always easy. A good run makes it worth it though 🙂

  2. Good job getting out there and getting the workouts done. Congrats on the new shoes! So both for me personally and for the people I’ve started working with scheduling swimming is the biggest challenge in any long course training block. It’s just the added complexity of having to coordinate another facility and their schedule into our already hectic lives. The upside is that once you get it figured out you can usually stick to a pretty solid schedule and work everything else around that. You still have a long way to go between now and IM Choo so you have time and I wouldn’t worry about it yet. Get lots of sleep. That’s impossible advice with a baby in the house but do what you can 🙂
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    1. I’m not too worried about Choo since it is a ways off, but I have a half iron in early July, so I’d like to log some swims before then. I just have such limited access to a pool and then add in a newborn, it’s a struggle.

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