IMCHOO Training Week One

It’s official. I’m training, you guys.

I sat down and put together a 12 week build phase of training for myself that will take me through the end of the school year. I’ll plug in more specific workouts each week when I get there, but I have a rough plan for everyday for the next 12 weeks written down.

Ironman Chattanooga is 24 weeks away. I have a long way to go too. I intentionally made this week relatively light. The last three weeks in a row I only did one workout per week. Plus I’m pretty injury prone, so a long slow build should help me in that respect.


Monday- I saddled up and pedaled through an FTP test. I felt like I was working hard and increasing my effort consistently the whole time, so I was a little disappointed to only end up with an averaged power of 124 watts for the 20 minute test. Gotta start somewhere I guess. Totals- 12.52 miles, 124watts average power

Tuesday- Run day. It was super snowy and cold all week so for the first time in weeks I had to brave the spidermill. I went into the basement with a fly swatter in hand and did a full sweep of the floor, ceiling, and treadmill before deciding it was safe to run. And thankfully, no spiders tried to eat me during this run, so it went well enough. I a 3×7 minute endurance interval run. I kept my intervals around 11 minutes per mile. Sadly though, my watch cut out seven times during this run. SEVEN TIMES. It recorded 2.25 miles but my treadmill clocked me at 2.52 miles, which is probably more accurate due to my watch not recording my run pace the whole time. But ultimately I go by my watch data, so that’s kind of crummy. Totals- 2.25 miles


Wednesday- Planned rest day. I built two rest days into this week to help me ease into training due to my lack of workouts the last three weeks.

Thursday- Slide day. I had a ride planned, but I moved it to Friday. I was straight up exhausted and climbed into bed early instead.

Friday- Came home from work and jumped right onto my bike. I had a 45 minute interval ride planned. I have a 60 minute and 45 minute version of this particular workout, but I opted for the shorter one since Friday’s are the first day all week Rob and I can spend time together, so I generally make Friday’s my rest days for this reason. I did 7×2 minute on, 2 minute off intervals and a warm up and cool down to bring myself to the 45 minute mark. It was a decent workout. My sensors dropped out a couple of times during this, annoyingly so, so my data is a little off, but I ended the workout happy regardless. Total- 13 miles

Saturday- I had a 6 mile run planned. I waffled on going first thing in the morning and I should have, because I would have muscled through all six miles. But I didn’t. We did go to Syracuse for a few hours and prior to going m only pair of jeans that currently fit ripped. I’m struggling with my postpartum body as it is, so this kind of devastated me. Cue all the tears.

We got back from Syracuse and I was feeling emotional. After a bit of waffling again I finally pulled on my Zoots and headed out the door for a run. I took off into town, running faster then I could maintain for six miles. I knew this, but I didn’t care. I was no longer running to meet a training goal, I was running for my own sanity.

I’ve been running since I was 12 years old and running is my zen. It clears my mind and brings me back down when I’m having a hard time. I plowed through town and after 2 miles I stopped, plopped myself on the steps of a church, and took a few deep breaths. I was using this run as more of a cathartic exercise for myself more so than a training run. I sat for a few minutes and just collected my thoughts, then I pulled myself back up and headed home. I took a different route home and ended up in my driveway right at 3 miles. Total- 3 miles, 11:23/mile


Sunday- Tri club swim day, yes! I always love swimming with my club. I push a little harder and do more then I would if I was to swim solo. I got in a warm up, 5×100, 4×100 kick/pull/kick/pull, 5×100, and 10×50 before I had to climb out. There was still another set of intervals and cool down, but I had told Rob when I’d be home by and I intended to stick to my word. Total- 2400 yard, 1:55/100

This week coming up I’ll be on my bike Monday and Wednesday, running Tuesday and Thursday, hopefully with the stroller since the weather should be getting nice finally. Then this weekend I’m planning a long run with a tri club friend and another tri club swim on Sunday. As long as I get everything in it should be a decent week.

Ironman Chattanooga is only 24 weeks away. One week or training down, 24 more to go!

What was your best workout this week?

Do you have a favorite workout that helps center you?

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  1. Sorry to hear you had such an emotional day on Saturday. I’ve had runs like that before. where I start out way too fast because I just NEED to run and work through all my thoughts/emotions with a good, hard effort.

    Really excited to follow your training for the next 24 weeks!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…Donut Dash #2 (April 2016)My Profile

    1. Thanks! You’re not too far ahead of me in training right now yourself!

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