IMCHOO Training Week Six

Guys. Training with a newborn is hard.

I just can’t seem to get all my workouts in. Working full time and then coming home and solo parenting leaves so little time for anything else. Husband’s work hours changed this week too, so he’s working some day time hours as well. So now we have a the revolving door of grandma’s on babysitting duty all week. Except this past week when Hub and I also both took a day because I told my mom the wrong week that Rob’s hours changed.

Consequently, I missed a few days. This week did not go as planned. Nope.


Monday- I’m sticking with getting my long ride in during the beginning of the week before I get tired. That’s the right choice. It’s a tough sell for myself when I’m not tired on a Monday. Ask me to do a long ride later in the week; forget about it. I did talk myself into an hour and half on the bike trainer. I did the ride in increments of 8 minutes heart rate zone two then 2 minutes hard. The last 20 minutes I really had to mentally work myself through. Mostly because my saddle is pretty uncomfortable. It’s tolerable on the road where the bike and seat have some give, but stiff and stationary on the trainer is super hard on the downstairs. I got through it though. 28 miles, 18.4 mph

No workout Tuesday. I had it slated as my rest day. I got home from work and headed out to Syracuse. I was taking Wednesday off for childcare reasons and planned to spend the day with my mom who only worked a few hours in the morning. My plan was to run with stroller Wednesday morning while my mom was at work, before our girls day in the afternoon. And I would have if I had brought my damn running shoes. Stroller, check. Shorts, tank top, socks, sports bra, check. Visor, check. Garmin and chest strap, check. Baby, check. Running shoes, an hour away in Geneva. FAIL.

Thursday- This is the one day a week that the YMCA has the option of any lap swimming in the early evening, so my mom hung around after babysitting to stay with Ellie a bit longer while I went to swim. I’m really grateful she did, I really need more pool time. I haven’t swam in a few weeks, so I decided to do some endurance intervals to see where my swim endurance is at. I did a 200 warm up, 2×300, 2×400, and a 500, followed by a cool down for a total of 2200 yard. I clocked a slower pace at 2:01/100, but that’s okay. I was just cruising to log some distance.


Friday- Back in the saddle. I did a 45 minute insertion ride that consisted of 35 minutes zone 2, five minutes hard, five minute cool down. Hubs hung with the Ellebutt while I rode right after school, which was really cool of him.

Saturday- My one and only run of the week. I had 8 miles on my plan and I was bound and determined to get it done. I headed out early and planned to run Carter Road, a perfect eight mile out and back. End to end the road is four miles of rollers, so I planned to run all the way down to the end, turn around and run back. I’ve done this before, plenty of times. It’s really the most efficient way to log a quick 8 miles.

My first four miles I felt good. I was clipping along easily and keeping a decent pace. My first four miles were 11:37, 11:53, 11:24, and 11:24 respectively. I stopped at mile four because a dog came flying out of someone’s yard and smashed into my ankles. Just a happy little corgi, so I took a couple of minutes to stretch before turning around to head back. My fifth mile went decently clocking in at 11:35, but then the weather that was supposed to bottom out back to winter started to turn. I began running into a crisp headwind and while I did load up my water bottle with Nuun, I didn’t actually bring any real fuel, which was stupid. I know better. I need fuel for runs longer then 6 miles. During mile six I walked on and off. My legs were starting to cramp as I fought the wind and I clocked a disappointingly slow 13:05 mile. I walked a bit during mile seven too, but not as much. I tried to muscle through the wind and the cramps as best as I could. Mile seven came in at 12:49. I was determined to close this run out on a good note. I could see the the stop light at the end of Carter Road that connected it to my street and started barreling home. I ran all of mile eight at what felt like a sturdy clip, but only come in at 11:56. Not great, but given the wind and my lack of fueling I was just happy to be done. 8 miles, 11:58/mile, 1:35:47


That was it for this week. After my run my legs cramped up something fierce and I didn’t get in the hour ride I had hoped to get done on Sunday. I’m happy I swam, I’m happy I got in my long ride, I’m happy I got in my long run. I’m disappointed that I missed two workouts though. I really need to get my shit together if I want to be able to do Chattanooga.

This week is going to be really difficult. I’m going to run with the stroller today and ride Tuesday on my trainer. Wednesday through Friday I’ll be in Boston with student council. We leave before the crack of dawn Wednesday morning and will be back late Friday, so all three of those days are a loss. Saturday I’m working on securing an outdoor ride opportunity with two friends and riding the full Musselman 70.3 bike course. Sunday will be my long run and I have a fall back week planned, so six miles.