IMCHOO Training Week Three

Another week down. Another week of training complete. Another week of school complete. Only 22 more weeks until Chattanooga and only nine weeks until summer break. Not that I’m counting or anything…

This week, again, did not go perfectly. Parenting and life took precedent, which is fine. It was a decent week though, I can’t complain. Someday I’ll hit all six of my workouts. Someday.


Monday- Ellie and I set out for just an easy recovery run. It was going to be short and light and flat and easy. At least, that was MY plan. Apparently my kid had other ideas. Just plodding along, minding my business, and I notice something on Ellie’s wubbanub. It was either mustard, which I did not eat, or poop. I’ll give you a hint- it wasn’t mustard.

Can you spy the poop bits on her and the seat straps?
Can you spy the poop bits on her and the seat straps? This was pre-face smear.

Ellie was wearing a onesie and had pooed and managed to have a poopsplosion. It leaked it out the leg hole of her diaper and  was pooled under her. All down both her legs, on her wubbanub, and her hands were set in it. She consequently got poop all over the car seat, seat straps, and stroller. And eventually her face when she went to rub her eyes. So I cut the run short and got us home. I had the great joy of bathing both of us then learning how to dismantle and clean the car seat. Quite the poopy run, literally. 1.5 miles, 12:09/mile

Tuesday- Nothing but saddle time, lots of saddle time. I did a 75 minute ride of just logging time and a few gear changes. I got sucked into some old Scrubs episodes and didn’t realize I was being kind of lazy until about half way through my ride. Oops. I did pick up the pace for the second half some, but overall I kept this ride pretty low key. 18.5 miles, 14.8mph

Wednesday- Rest day. I had student council stuff going on all night so I had to grab Ellie after school and head back to work, so no workout.

Thursday- Another run, this one was thankfully poop free. I started off doing a flat route through my neighborhood and was feeling okay, so turned down a block that I knew ended with a decent hill. You guys, pushing a stroller while running uphill is freaking HARD. I was pretty gassed by the time I got up the hill, so I turned us towards home. I would have ran longer had I kept to a flatter route, but I need the hard work. I need it. 2.25 miles, 12:09/mile


Friday- Rob was off with Ellie visiting his mom, so I took Griswold for a little walk then hopped on my bike. I went ahead and did the workout I had scheduled for Wednesday which was an hour of endurance intervals. I did 7×5 minute hard intervals and 2 minute recoveries in between with a warm up and cool down. It was a good workout and I was happy to log another good ride. 17 miles, 16.8mhp

Saturday- No workout. We headed out to Syracuse so Ellie could meet my aunt and one of her sets of great grandparents. It was really nice to spend the day with family I hadn’t seen in a while. And Ellebutt was sooooo good. We are seriously so lucky to have such a sweet and amazing little girl.

Sunday- I headed out for a run around late morning. Getting my running and cycling distance up is important right now, so I felt like my long run was more necessary then hitting the pool. So I took off with six miles in mind. Last week I also did six miles and I walked three short times during the run. This weekend I told myself no more than two walks and I did stick to that. I walked a bit around mile two because one of my feet had the tinglies then again at mile four after running all the way up the Jay Street hill. That freaking hill is a beast. Otherwise I ran the whole run. I was a smidge slower than last week, but I went into the run a little dehydrated and with a belly full of chocolate cake from the night before. All things considered I had a pretty good run and I’m starting to feel better about long runs. 6 miles, 12:05/mile

Things I need to do for this week coming up- Get out my calf PT workouts and start doing those a few days a week. I can tell my calf muscles are week and they’re feeling a bit tender. I’m also going to start taping my calves for long runs and wear my compression tights afterwards. I need to support and recover my legs properly. I need to nip this asap so I don’t injury myself. I also need to swim. It’s a tri club swim week plus one of the teachers I work with and I are planning to swim Friday mornings from now on together before school. So hopefully I get in two swims. If not I’ll at least get one in for sure. And I need to get in one more six mile long run before I start running longer. It’s important that I ease back into distance running again.

What was your best workout this week?

Parents! How do you handle a poopsplosion?