IMCHOO Training Week Two

Two weeks down, twenty three more to go!

This week didn’t go entirely as planned, because parenting, but it was still decent and I hit my big weekend workouts that I really needed. I knew going into this that training with a newborn would have it’s challenges and this week the first of those were tested. Nothing too crazy, but it did alter my training a bit.


Monday- I had 45 minutes of saddle time on my plan with a few quick gear changes. I stayed in the saddle for an extra minute to round up my distance. The ride was fine and my legs are starting to feel good pedaling again. 46 minutes, 14 miles, 18.2 mph

Tuesday- No workout today. I had a 45 minute pick up run planned, but Ellie decided she wanted a new bedtime this week. Normally she is out cold every by 7:30 like clockwork. But Tuesday night she didn’t go to bed until almost 9pm. My workout cut off time is definitely earlier then that, so my run got nixed. As great of a baby as she is, it goes to show that babies can be unpredictable and I need some kind of back up plan.

Wednesday- The weather, oh it is so nice, finally. I popped Ellie in the stroller and headed out for a run. I ran all the way up Castle, which is a looooong climb. Over a mile. I was dead pooped at the top, but there’s a good downhill stretch afterwards, then I weaved through the neighborhood a bit for some flat stretches. I thought about running a bit longer and hitting another hill, but since this was my first hill run with the stroller I decided to see how I felt afterwards and work in the second climb next time, which will also make the run about another half a mile longer. Such a good run. I love using the BOB.  2.5 miles, 12:03 pace


Thursday- Anticipating that Ellie might forgo bedtime again, I decided to try out a new workout time frame today. I had an hour long endurance interval ride planned and instead of waiting until Ellie went to bed for the night, I brought my bike up out of the basement and set it up in my living room. I figured I could squeeze my ride in as segments. I put Ellie in her bouncy chair, knowing I could get 20-30 minutes of my ride done with her  playing, then put her down for a nap and attempt to squeeze in the second half. But nope. I don’t know if it’s because my usually quiet bike trainer was echoing loudly off the hardwood floors, or what, but after about 15 minutes Ellie decided to start crying. And after that it was totally game over. I was on and off my bike upwards of a dozen times and after an hour I had only clocked 31 minutes on my bike. Finally, I called it quits.

Spinning during the evening and bringing my bike upstairs is apparently not an option. So now, my bike rides are going to be done via Plan C; early morning rides. Ellie still gets up once a night, usually between 3 and 4 am. Typically I just get myself ready for work after that then nap on the couch until I have to leave, but my new plan is going to be riding during that time. I’ll finish taking care of her, then two or three mornings a week, however many rides I have planned, I’ll just head down to the basement and get my ride in before getting ready for work. It means forfeiting my extra sleep on those mornings, but that’ll really be the best solution. So that’s what it’s going to be for riding from now on. Not ideal, but it just makes sense. 31 minutes, 8 miles, 15.3 mph. 


Friday- Rest day.

Saturday- I had a six mile run on my plan again this weekend and I was determined to get it done. My tri club buddy Jen and I decided to run together. She’s also racing Chattanooga, so it was nice to run together and chat about the impending race. Since she lives about a block from me, she met me at my house and we headed off into town. We weaved through downtown, the local college, and through neighborhoods. We made sure to hit a few hills too since Choo has a nasty hill on the run. During miles 2, 3, and 4 we did walk about 30 seconds or so during each mile, at the top of hills. But otherwise we ran the full six miles and it was great to get a real long run under my feet. My splits were 11:02, 12:11, 12:40, 12:34, 11:56, and 10:40 respectively. The walking did bump us over the 12 minute mark on those three miles, but I still ended my run at an average pace of 11:51, which I was plenty happy with. And I clocked my first sub-11 mile time since I was first trimester pregnant this time last year. That fast mile being my sixth mile too made it even sweeter. So I’m very happy with that run and the mental block of getting through a long run has been knocked out, which I needed. 1′:11″, 6 miles, 11:51 pace

I plan to keep my long runs at six miles for two more weeks. I have a lot of time to get my mileage up and being injury prone I’m going to take my time. I want to give my body some time to acclimate to running distance again, so this will hopefully allow for that. After that it’s time to start tacking on the miles though.

Sunday- Tri Club swim day, heyo! Usually we swim every other week, but most of our club members are racing Seneca7 next weekend, so we swapped it to this week, which is great for me since getting in swims is going to be difficult. The YMCA opens the pool early for us for these club swims, which is nice of them, but so far this season they have yet to open on time for us and I keep having to shorten the workout. This weeks workout was shorter to begin with, but I still cut out a recovery set to make sure I was out at the time I told Rob I would be. I got in all the interval sets at least. I felt like I was struggling in the water some, it just felt hard and I had a tough time keeping up with everyone else. But I felt good afterwards and I’m happy to have gotten some yardage in. 2100 yard, 1:56/100 pace

Similarly to running, I’ll probably keep my swims between 2000-2500 until I’m done with school in ten weeks. Mostly due to time contraints, but also because I’m still trying to rebuild my swim endurance and I think doing some good workouts at this distance for a few weeks will give my the ability to build some swim stamina back up. Once I’m off school though, it’ll be time to start cranking out some 3000-4000 yard swims.

This week I’m hoping to get in all six workouts. Outside stroller runs Monday and Wednesday, stupidly early spin sessions in the basement Tuesday and Thursday, another 6 miler on Saturday, and hopefully a swim Sunday, though since there’s no club swim I’ll have to wait for the pool to open later for general members.

So, not the best week, but not bad either. I feel decent even with the one missed workout and the one cut short. Getting in a swim and finally knocking out that six mile run really made a difference mentally. Hopefully this week I can buckle down and get it all in and start to build my time and distance.

What was your best workout this week?

Do you have an ‘A’ race this year that you’re training for?

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  1. Being flexible is sometimes so hard, but I commend you for it! Congratulations on hitting your long weekend workouts! It is crazy we are getting so close to race day. With IMCHOO 23 weeks away and IMWI 21 weeks away, race day will be here before we know it, which means summer break is just around the corner 😉
    Kecia recently posted…21 weeks ’til #IMWI: Thank you Mother NatureMy Profile

    1. Yessss, summer break! I’m dying for it. Ours is still so far away though! Ten more weeks. June, where are you!?

  2. You are such a badass! I can’t do any of these distances right now and I don’t have a baby (yeah I’m injured, but whatever) so I’m totally impressed. You are going to kick ass in this race!
    Kristen recently posted…GNT Training: Week 4My Profile

    1. You’re too sweet! You are a bad ass. Don’t down play all the progress you’re making! I can’t wait to hear all about your first tri in a few weeks 🙂

    1. Love Irongirl! Good luck reaching your goals there. Which Irongirl are you doing? And yes, hopefully we’ll have our linkup up and running again soon!

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