IMCuse 2.0 Countdown Week One

Wooooo, weekend over. My first real week of training for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse is on the books.

This was also my first week with my new coach, so that was interesting. With the exception of going to preplanned workouts with my tri club, I am not used to being told what to do. I definitely struggled with the lack of control a bit mentally. But I think it will be really good for me in the long run. 


Planned- None from my coach at this point
Completed- 2.5 mile run

I was asked to provide video footage of my running and riding. So I did a mile on the treadmill while the Husband taped me running then I switched to the indoor track for another mile and a half.

Planned- 80 minutes of cadence drill work on the trainer
Completed- 80 minutes of cadence drill work on the trainer

This was pretty good. I tend to ride a lower rpm with a bit more gear on my pedals. I like having something to push against, but I also know the maximum range of efficiency for cadence on the bike is 90rpms, so I can definitely benefit from these kinds of drills.

Planned- 5k time trial
Completed- 2 miles of hobbling

It was beautiful weather so I set off outside since I tend to be slower on the track. But my compression socks revolted against me. Just about .7 miles in my calves had tightened up. I had on my compression socks and had an inkling they were they were the cause. I stopped and rolled them down then started back up. My calves felt better almost right away, but my feet and now ankles were feeling bothered. So around 1.3 miles I stopped again and just yanked them off, put my Zoots back on sans socks (my worst nightmare, I hate barefeet in sneakers, just skeeves me out) then kept running. My feet were unhappy about being bare in my shoes. So not nice feeling. I had already turned around just after the mile mark, so I stopped at 2 miles and walked the last few houses home. Lots of nope happening on this run.

Planned- 20x100yd swim on the 2:00 interval + 60 minute single leg drills on the trainer
Completed- 20x100yd swim

Oof, on the 2:00 interval. Doing hard swims my average pace is around 1:50/100, so that’s what I told coach when he asked about my swim pace. My guess is no matter what pace I gave him this test workout would still have only provided me a 10 second rest in between intervals. I did all 20, but only a handful were on the 2 minute interval. I was sucking wind hard a few times.

I also went to my tri club board meeting, which is why I missed the trainer ride. I just didn’t have time for both workouts before hand and with my trainer being easier to get in elsewhere, I opted to do the swim.

Planned- Rest day
Completed- 60 minutes single leg drills on the trainer

I officially hate this drill. I know I don’t have a smooth pedal stroke for the entire 360* and this made it very obvious that I have a little catch at the top of my rotation. Coach said to keep my rpm’s around 90 for this drill, but I just couldn’t. This was very difficult and I was cranky about how hard of a time I was having with it. So that was that. I was happy to be done with it when I was. My trainer was grinding horribly the whole ride too. After I got off I inspected it and found a big black smear across the fly wheel, some rubber shreds on the ground under it, and big rough streak through the center of my back tire. Very cranky about that too. So I pulled the wheel off and shipped it off back to CycleOps. Thank goodness for the life time warranty, the only cost to having the part replaced was whatever it cost me to ship it.

Griswold is not amused with the trainer.

I did my trainer workout about midday. I actually stayed home from school Friday. I have issues with precordial catch syndrome and had a nasty episode Thursday. I tend to get pangs of it somewhat regularly, but they only last a couple of seconds then disappear, so I don’t really fret over it. But every few months or so I will get a particularly bad episode that lasts sometimes upwards of an hour. So it’s a lot of me sitting on the couch trying not to move and gasping for air. It really sucks and hurts. I know mine is often brought on by fatigue and I just could not sleep all week. I tossed and turned every night this week and was at level zombie by Thursday, so I’m not surprised. I was hurting Thursday night and my chest was sore for a good part of Friday. I was just better off catching up on sleep and resting.

Planned- 1:45:00 double brick
Completed- Rest day

I draw a total blank of how to do this workout. My trainer is out of commission and the college students are on a spring break, so the gym was closed this past weekend and will be again this weekend. No bike, no brick. I just didn’t mange to get anything in.

Planned- 1000yd swim time trial + 4×1 mile run repeats
Completed- tri club swim clinic +1000yd TT

I ended up getting in 2000yds in the pool, although my Garmin missed a length when I screwed up an interval, so it says I only 1975. Lies. I did a few intervals with my tri club at our swim clinic. The crowd was small enough this particular clinic that I could snag a side of one lane for myself and break off to do my time trial. I did miss count somewhere about half way through and missed a lap, so my time trial ended up being for 950 yards, but so be it. The Coach Fish taped me swimming. I know my form isn’t great and I have a lazy left elbow, but yikes, I should do more drills. My rotation is a mess and I cross over when my hand enter the water. On the plus side he said everything I’m doing below the surface of the water is good, so that’s nice to hear.

Totals for this week:
Swim- 4000 yards, 1:54:12
Bike- 39.80 miles, 2:13:00
Run- 4.51 miles, 49:40

Next week is a lot of running and swimming. I got both the 5k time trial and mile repeats given to me again, which was not surprising to see. No bike workouts sine I’m without a trainer for the time being. I’m impressed my coach got workouts in for me since he’s in San Juan right now having raced Ironman Puerto Rico yesterday. I am looking forward to training hard under some guidance. Bring on the training!

Best and worst workout this week?
If you miss a planned workout, how do you handle it?

8 Replies to “IMCuse 2.0 Countdown Week One”

  1. My best workout was getting the bike out on the road for the second Sunday in a row! Loving the nicer weather we are having here in NC! Hate to hear your trainer is giving you issues. That is a bummer! Sounds like your coach has laid out some great structure to your training. A good start!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Training Update: Week of March 2My Profile

    1. I can’t wait to get out on the road with my bike! A few of my tri club buddies went out this weekend, but I probably won’t head out for a few more weeks. I have some other workouts I just need to get in first before I hit open road. I’m dying to get out there!

  2. Great job! I get so frustrated when I miss a workout. I really beat myself up over it. I know I should just move on but man it really gets to me.

    1. I get down about it too. I always feel so guilty, and that was before I got a coach. I sent my coach a head hanging excuse because I felt like a jerk missing two big workouts my first week with him.

  3. PCS sounds pretty terrifying. I can’t imagine the panic of initially thinking that I might be having a heart attack. I’m glad you were able to take the day to rest and recover.

    With missed workouts I can go either way. If I have to take a rest day because I physically need the day off, then I try to be okay with it and just move on. I usually don’t try to reschedule these runs because I figure that will just result in me being even more exhausted/sore/etc. If I miss a workout due to laziness or my inability to plan, I try to make it up and usually feel pretty guilty. I’m trying to work on handling this better because sometimes life happens. Also I am not a professional runner, so a missed work out really shouldn’t be the end of the world. But like I said, I am still working on that positive attitude thing…
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…S2S 5k – Week 2My Profile

    1. Ah yes, not a professional. Always something to remember and remind myself of, haha. I should work on my positive attitude more often. I can be a bit of a control freak and a curmudgeon sometimes.

  4. My best workout was yesterday’s run outdoors. While the temps were cooler than the previous week, I was able to rock my run for the first time in quite a while. My worst workout this week was Monday’s trainer ride…I too HATE single leg drills and had 60 minutes of them. UGH!! I use to let missing a workout get to me, but I’ve learned over the years to let it go. I’ve also learned to listen to my body more and if it tells me to take a break, I do so without guilt…after all, my body knows what it needs and does a good job of telling me. I just have to open my eyes and ears and listen 😉
    Kecia recently posted…20 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Thank goodness someone else hates single leg drills. I was ready to throw a temper tantrum I was so frustrated with them. Congrats on having a rockin’ run! Send me some of that, please!

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