IMCuse 2.0 Countdown Week Three

Another week, another week of training mostly conquered. I had a personally difficult week that derailed me a bit. Life just poured this past week and by the weekend it was just a lot for me to handle, so excuse the missing weekend workouts. I did well-ish up until then.


Monday: 26 minutes on the trainer (was supposed to be 1:15:00)

Ugh, this is where I discovered the new piece CycleOps sent me was a dud. So disappointing. My new piece did show up a few days ago and I have yet to even open the box. I need to get on that today so I can mail them back to dud piece.

Tuesday: 4 mile periodization build run

This went well. It took a lot for me to convince myself to throw on long sleeves and head out the door, but I finally did. I was supposed to hold a consistent pace the whole time, but I wasn’t really feeling it the whole first mile plus. I finally started feeling like I was settling into a groove and hitting my stride around 1.5 miles in and ended up speeding up. I nabbed negative splits and felt good afterwards.

Wednesday: 60/30 Brick

I had to laugh at this one. The name of the workout was HOUR Of Power but the total workout was actually 90 minutes. When I later asked Boss Man about this he laughed and said he changed the workout for me but forgot to change the title. Swell. It was an all out hour on the bike followed by a 30 minute run. I did this in the gym since I was still waiting on the new piece for my trainer at this point. I managed 25 miles on the spin bike and according to my Garmin 2.52 miles on the treadmill doing sprint/recovery intervals. The treadmill said I did 2.88 miles. Whatever. I ran 30 minutes of sprint intervals. I ran, that’s good enough.

Thursday: Swim Pyramid

Got another swim pyramid. Did the 1800 yards and climbed out. I felt pretty wiped out after this and felt like I was swimming through sludge the whole time. I mean, it is the Y pool so I probably was, but that’s beside the point.


Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Nada, nothing, zip, zilch 

This weekend was a roller coaster of emotions. I’m not really at liberty to disclose details of either event just yet. I will soon, but man were emotions high and all over the place. I spoke with my dad Friday morning for a status update on a family issue that left me reeling and crying sad tears all day. Then we got some crazy news Saturday that completely changes everything and I spent the day with happy tears. Sunday I was drained. I had three workouts scheduled for this weekend and did zero of them, but I don’t feel bad. Life, family, it all comes first.


This week I’m off school for spring break and it is well timed. It’ll be a good time for us to digest all the news from the weekend, to relax, and for me to just get my workouts in. I also have my birthday on Friday and I’m sure my husband has something up his sleeve.

As for training this week, it appears I’m getting a recovery week. I have two scheduled rest days, one of which is today. I might move the run for tomorrow over and do it today. I really feel like I want to run today, but we’ll see. My mind might change still. I was also given an outside ride. That’s right, I get to ride my bike outside this week. I’ll be heading out for a glorious 35 miles on Thursday because it’s going to almost 70 degrees and I am so excited!

Best and worst workout this week?

For those who ride, have you gotten outside yet this year?

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  1. I’m sorry you had a stressful weekend (although it sounds like everything is going to end nicely and that is good to hear!). Enjoy the warmer weather this week and happy early birthday!
    Heather recently posted…S2S 5k – Week 4My Profile

    1. Everything will work out in the end. A little good, a little bad, but it’ll be okay. Thank you for the well wishes. And yes, I will take the nice weather please!

    1. Glad you like it! Sometimes thing do just get hard, so remember to also be kind to yourself too.

    1. Things will work out eventually, thank you. And I will definitely enjoy my spring break. Good luck in your final weeks of school!

  2. Enjoy the nice weather! I was out in the cold last weekend and have 82 miles on tap for this Saturday. So far looks like it will be 50 degrees but 25 mph winds. Ugh. 82 miles hard enough this time of year without having to deal with headwinds.
    Kelli recently posted…Body Composition – Skulpt AIM ReviewMy Profile

    1. Wind, yuck. I just got back from a super windy ride. I was putting out 250w of power and only going 8mph. I hate the wind. Good luck powering through!

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