IMCuse 2.0 Countdown Week Two

Heyo, another week of training in the books. I did a bit better this week. I’m still having a hard time letting go of the control, which was made obvious by the fact that every single day this week I logged onto Training Peaks and moved my workouts around. Seriously, Mr. Coach Boss Man probably hates me. But the fact of the matter remains that by moving things around I did manage to get them done.

My training schedule this week was swim heavy since I was waiting on my new resistance fly wheel to show up from CycleOps, so being out my trainer meant no bike workouts. And swim workouts are just hard for me to get in because my pool has such terrible hours for open lap swim times. But none the less, it’s done. All of it. And hopefully I have a happy coach because of it and he can pretend he didn’t see me moving everything around all week.


Monday: 60 minute speed interval pyramid on the treadmill

I liked this workout. I always love running intervals, they make me very happy. My only complaint is the huge discrepancy between the distance my Garmin gave me and the distance the treadmill gave me. They were about half a mile plus different in terms of distance, with the treadmill giving me the longer distance. At the end of the day I only have the data my watch record to go off of though, so that’s what I believe. I actually did a few minutes more than an hour just to round up my distance because I am very anal retentive about that. So all said and done I got in 5 miles, which felt good, although the treadmill does make my calf ache.

Tuesday: Rest Day

This was supposed to be a swim day, but I shuffled things around and took my rest day instead. My calf was aching from the treadmill and my husband was on spring break hours at work, so he was actually home every night this week, a rarity in our house. So I iced my leg and hung out with my husband instead of swimming.

My new fly wheel showed up! I’m excited to spin again and now with a fully functioning trainer.

Wednesday: 4×1 mile repeats

Kill me. Kill me now. Yuck at mile repeats. I love intervals, but not when they’re a mile long each. I don’t know what the issue in the fieldhouse was, but the air in there was killing me. I’ve been running on the indoor track all winter, something about it Wednesday night did me in. It was soooooo dry that every time I hit about the half mile point I would start wheezing because my throat was so dry and hurting. I did my easy mile warm up and my first two repeats on the track before moving into the fitness center and getting on a treadmill. I did another mile and started feeling sick to my stomach after it, so I called it one mile short. I just couldn’t fight that last mile repeat. I didn’t have it in me. So I ended up getting 4 of my 5.25 miles the workout called for in. So close but so not enough.

Thursday: Swim pyramid

This is the one week day where the pool actually has a lap lane available before 730pm, so I took advantage and hopped in. This workout ended up being 1800 yards and was a good workouts. Pyramids are great and I love doing them to help build endurance coupled with speed. I did a longer cool down then was prescribed and climbed out of the water at 2000 yards feeling good.

Felt like I was swimming through sludge. Slow, all though not really.

Friday: Fast 100’s in the pool

This workout was a 600 warm up followed by 16×100 fast with limited rest in between. Normally I take Friday’s as a rest day, but the kids had a half day at school and the staff had “wellness day” where we got an hour to either do a workout class or take some sort of health class that was being offered. Of course I spent like two hours grading common core exams before I could go swim. The pool was open for teachers to lap swim from 2-3 and I rushed over to the high school as fast as I could, changed and got in, but it was already after 2pm. The teenager lifegaurd was giving us all the hard stare by 245 and I was the last one left in the water at 250pm. The lifeguard was giving me the stank eye and I  finally got out, coming up 500 yards short. Ugh, c’mon kid! I could have gotten those last ten laps in in ten minutes, easy. *grumblegrumble* That said, I freaking LOVE the pool at school. It was beautiful and enormous. So bright and clean and clear and just amazing. They have morning lap swim and I’m trying to decide how badly I want to get up at 430am once or twice a week to go swim there then get ready for school in a high school locker room. It puts the YMCA’s pool to shame. I was so much faster in there too! Maybe that’s the difference a fully functioning filter makes. I didn’t feel like I was swimming through peanut butter for once. We’ll see, we’ll see. But I love that pool, I do. I want to live in it.

Saturday: Rest Day

We were in Syracuse Friday night for Billy Joel and all day Saturday so we could go see a comedy show with our friends that night. No workout for me, but I did have a great time spending the whole weekend with friends.

Sunday: 8×200’s in the pool and a 5k run

Oh more pool time. All the pool time this week. This was part two of Friday’s workout, both of which Coach says are base laying workouts for the upcoming weeks. This workout was a 600 warmup and 8×200 sprints. I broke the warm up apart though doing 300 warm up, 100 easy after the first four of eight sprints, then an easy 200 afterwards. Perfect. Did you know 200 yards is a long way to push your pace in the pool? Lots of panting.

5k in the snow. Isn’t it spring yet?

That damn 5k time trial. A workout that was rolled over from last week. I put it off and put it off all week. The weather was originally supposed to be better by the weekend and then it snowed. IT SNOWED. Every day we just kept waking up to more and more snow. I hemmed and hawed over this run all week. How badly did I want to not squeeze it in this weekend? How much did I want to know my coach was doing a gigantic eye roll seeing I missed it for a second week in a row? I finally sucked it up, put on a fleece Nike top, and headed out in the snow. It was difficult, I was cranky the whole time, and my leg was grouching at me. But I got in the whole run and in a time I can live with. I mean I’m not happy with how slow I am right now and how hard I worked to barely scrape a 10 minute per mile average, but I’m okay with the results and happy I’m done with this workout.

Totals: 15.45 miles in 4:45:41

Swim: 5900 yards in 2:28:13

Bike: Zero, no trainer, boo

Run: 12.1 miles in 2:17:29

So there, there it is. I got all of my prescribed workouts in. I came up short on distance on two of them, but dammit if I didn’t give this week my best effort. I’m pretty happy with it and feel like I worked hard, so that’s all that matters!

Best and worst workout of the week?

Are you a fair weather runner or are you willing to brave the elements?

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    1. I’d love to bike more too! Need to live somewhere with less now =P

  1. Nice work this week Chica!! I love seeing green in TrainingPeaks 🙂 My best workout was definitely Tuesday’s run outdoors (not the best running weather, but I felt amazing) with Basil. My worst workout was Thursday’s run in Kansas City after a very short night after having a girls night out with my sole sista Wednesday evening. Lots of fun + little sleep = sluggish run. I am more of a fair weather runner, but will run outside as long as it is above 0F with windchill.
    Kecia recently posted…19 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. 0F is pretty much my cutoff too. I hope you had a good time in KC despite the crummy run!

  2. I’ll brave the elements, but I don’t love running in terrible weather. If it could be sunny and mid 50s-mid 60s year round I would be happy. Great job getting your time trial done in spite of the snow!
    Heather recently posted…S2S 5k – Week 3My Profile

  3. I don’t prefer to run outside when the weather is bad, but if it is the difference between getting the workout in and not, then it gets done. I might adjust by using the treadmill or trainer, but I never use the weather as an excuse to not get my workout in. Also, sometime braving the elements is a good thing, because you never know what Mother Nature will bring you on race day. Such as last year at IMLP, when we had torrential rain and thunderstorms…you just have to put your head down and grind it out. Therefore, having to suck it up during training can prepare you for those crazy weather days that you may encounter!

    Good job going out and braving the snow for your run yesterday! I can’t believe you had more snow!
    Lee@tri*inspired*life recently posted…Training Update: Week of March 9My Profile

    1. Seriously IMLP last year was nuts and you are hardcore for finishing that race! Good point about the race day conditions. I should avoid the rainy days less.

  4. I love all of the swimming! I really hate my Y pool & miss the university where I swam in law school. Big, open, beautiful & clean. My favorite workout was probably my 10k race on Saturday. Beautiful weather (50s & sunny) & a great way to kickoff training for my first 70.3!

    1. Woohoo! Congrats on having a great race! And enjoy your journey to your first 70.3!

  5. You definitely owned the pool this week. I am patiently waiting for our outdoor pools to open so that I will be more motivated to start swimming again. Right now it is really difficult for me to get into a bathing suit because I am at a really awkward stage of pregnancy. As soon as I have a more “pregnant” bump, I plan to swim more.

    That’s exciting that you got a new trainer! Hopefully you will be back on the bike in no time.
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Cheers to Road Trips, Surprise Packages, and A New HouseMy Profile

    1. I wish we had an outdoor pool.

      Don’t let your bump keep you from swimming. Own that bump mama, you’re growing a human for goodness sake! You’re going to be the most fabulously fit mom =)

    1. I wish I did because my coach gave me the workout again since I didn’t complete it! Stupid teenager lifegaurd!

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