Impossibly Done – Motivation and Determination

Happy hump day! Do you know what today means for me? Once I get through today I will only have to survive two more work days before I have a week off for spring break! I’m so excited! Because scrubbing dog puke off my floors at 230am then tossing and turning until my alarm at 530am is totally what gets me pumped to make it through the final week before the next break. Yup, for sure.

I spoke too soon about my trainer. The new piece CycleOps sent me was a total dud. I had an hour and fifteen minute speed session planned for Monday and in an hour and half’s time I only managed 26 minutes of it. I sent my coach a message whining about not being able to get my trainer to work then called CycleOps.

Apparently the mag trainers are finicky. They also have a quality control issue, I was told, when it comes to them because they need a little extra checking over which doesn’t always get done. So the piece they sent me was most likely skimped through QC and ultimately has a bad baring. So I am once again sans trainer. On the bright side though CycleOps is sending me a new fly wheel, again, but this time they’re sending me an upgrade to the next one up in the series, sending me a prepaid label to ship mine back, and throwing in a trainer tire for free so I can stop tearing up my road slick. I might be utterly inconvenienced, but you can’t beat that customer service, so I can’t be mad.

I love racing. I really do. But I don’t always love training. I’m really glad I hired a coach at this point. This season in particular I really feel like I need the accountability.

I’m trying to stay positive and motivated, but sometimes it’s just hard. When things don’t go my way I tend to get cranky and throw in the towel. Monday is a perfect example with me being unable to get my trainer to work. It induced massive whining and quitting on my end. Not pretty or useful.


Some days you just aren’t motivated to get things in. Some days you’re up at 230 in the morning cleaning up dog vomit. Some days you still have to go work a full day after being up cleaning said dog vomit. Some days are hard.

Sometimes when motivation is fleeting, determination has to take over. I have every intention of having a great race at Syracuse again this year and am hoping to PR. And skipping workouts because I had a hard day is never going to get me there.

I may not have been motivated to get my run in last night, but damn if I wasn’t determined.

Slow but determined

And get it done I did.

Motivation and determination are not one and the same.

Motivation is that feeling like you can do it, like you can conquer the world. You’re excited and driven and you get it done with pride and happiness.

Determination is the grit and desire you bring out of yourself when the motivation has faded but the work is still there to be finish. When it’s starring you down and you know you need to just lace up your shoes and muscle through the pain.

Did I feel like running four miles last night? Hell no.

Did I do it anyways? Hell yes. And that is determination.


Motivation ebbs and flows, but when you’re starring down your dreams, hold onto that determination. It will get you far. Finish line far. And that makes all of the hard days worth it.

Happy training my friends. 

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  1. Great post! Totally can relate and appreciate your take on motivation and determination.

    Glad to hear CycleOps is taking care of you! I own a fluid CO & been avoiding it like the plague. Motivation & determination have temporarily been replaced by lack of energy & long list of silly excuses! Your post reminds me that it’s time to take care of business! Thanks for that!

    Enjoy your day & rest of week!

  2. I’m glad CycleOps is getting you a new setup, but man that sucks! I know you are trying so hard to train consistently, but everything seems to be out to derail your plans.
    Heather recently posted…S2S 5k – Week 3My Profile

    1. Life does like to test me sometimes. I’ll take 90% consistency over nothing though.

    1. Having a goal and a plan is definitely huge! If I don’t have a goal to reach for or a way to get there I just fall right off the wagon.

    1. Getting started is totally half the battle. Usually it takes all my effort to get started, but once I do get into a groove I’m always happy I ended up working out. Hopefully you can get your groove back soon!

    1. It’s definitely driving me batty, but they do have stellar customer service, so I can’t complain too much!

    1. You motivate me, haha! You have some big dreams. Can’t wait to see you reach them!

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