Ironman Bound!

I’ll just go ahead and leave this here for everyone to see.

So there it is. I’m all registered for Ironman 70.3 Syracuse. Now I really need to crack down and learn to swim like a non loser. 

My workouts this week have been pretty non existent. I’ve had a hard time getting back into the swing of things since FLT, but this too shall pass. I think my problem came from not taking enough rest time. I’m used to only needing one day off after a sprint, so when I went to spinning Tuesday for my first post race workout, in the heat and humidity, and didn’t do well, I felt a little slighted by my body. It was hot, I was late and got the last bike off in the corner where the fans don’t reach, and my body gave in pretty quickly. I didn’t push as hard as normal, but the last ten minutes were awful. I left feeling kind of sick to my stomach and with a slamming headache, something that persisted into Wednesday and cause me to take another rest day. 

Today, I have no excuse. Ugh, I should have got up when my alarm went off and gone for a run. Now it’s raining and storming and my only option would be to brave the gym after work, and even I’m not that stupid. And the odds of me getting out of bed on a Friday morning, my only opportunity to sleep in without Rob or the dog fighting me for space and blankets, are nill. So my plan is to go for a run Saturday morning before our friends come for Rob’s birthday outing, then get back into my usual routine of morning runs and evening spinning the following week. 

Today is my handsome husbands big 30th birthday. I’m a very, very lucky lady to have such an inspiring and amazing man by my side. I can’t believe he supports me doing this crazy stuff. He truly is my better half and I can’t wait to see him tonight and spend the weekend celebrating his awesomeness with our friends. 

Happy birthday hubby! You’re still the man of my dreams.

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