IRONMAN, The Universe Has Spoken

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 


Can I just start by saying I planned to tackle a 70.3 next season. That was The Goal (for now, a full was settled into my back brain until I get that half out of the way). But, as life has it, something else may have just popped onto the radar. 

A full Ironman. There. I said it. 

Let me back track a bit here. Rob has an abundance of family in the Chattanooga, TN area. We love it there, travel there semi regularly, and would love to move there permanently. So when this cropped up in my FB newsfeed, my wheels immediately started turning. 

This is going to require some serious thought and decisions. And probably a coach. And a better bike. And a real triathlon wetsuit. You, know, things that cost money that I don’t have. 

I’m running my first Oly in three weeks. I’m running my first half marathon in two months. I planned to run a 70.3 next season, but now what? I love Chattanooga, I want to eventually do a 140.6, but this soon? Do I have a strong enough fitness base at this point? Can I get everything I need, train the way I’d need to train? 

But really, out of all the places in the whole world Ironman could have chosen for a new location, they picked Chattanooga. It’s like the heavens opened up and were like “here’s your Ironman”.

And while part of this post was written only moments after seeing the news about the new location, in a manic frenzy, Rob and I talked about it last night. Honestly, I need to get through the rest of this season first. I need to get through my Oly, get through our Half Marathon, then make a decision. If I do choose to do the 2014 IM Chattanooga, I’ll want to do a Half IM first, either by doing the Mussel Man in late July, which means Rob would be on his own doing the sprint if he chooses to do it again. Or the Ironman Syracuse 70.3 on June 22nd. The Cuse IM would probably be better though, since it’s in late June and would give me the extra time in between. And, you know, then I can go all crazy traithlete on my season next year and cram in the Mini Mussel with Rob again and the Cuse Iron Girl, because duh, I can’t not do that one. 

No matter my decision on IM Chattanooga, I’m almost 100% certain I will register for IM Cuse 70.3 when it opens, which should be very soon. Worse case scenario, I hold out on IM Chattanooga until 2015. But seriously, it’s like the universe spoke.

Okay, rambling. My thoughts on the whole thing are so jumbled. So hopefully I’ll have all my decisions in a row by October. 

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  1. YES! Chattanooga! I’m very excited about it and will probably do it for my first Ironman in 2015 as well! I want it so bad. I seriously thought the same thing when they announced the race since I was looking for once within driving distance with similar terrain to where I train. Perfect! =)

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