It’s Swimming, Not Drowning

My final triathlon for the season is coming up this Sunday, as in in five days. I’m not terribly nervous for it, I feel pretty good going into this being it’s my first Olympic. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of my training over the last few days and leading up to Sunday:
  • Saturday- a painful 5 mile run with hubs. It rained for the first mile then turned into pea soup level humidity for the other four. It was not nice or fun. 
  • Sunday- 17.2 mile bike hill bike ride. I intended to run 3-4 miles afterwards, but dead headphones caused me to say screw that. And it’s too bad because I was feeling really, really good coming off the bike and was all set to run. The universe is clearly anti brick, and I’m not too hurt by this. 
  • Monday- slow-ish 5k run with the hubby. 
  • Today (Tuesday)- Got up at my usual time to head out for a 2.5-3 mile recovery run napped on the couch snuggled up with Griswold for an hour. Oops. He looked so soft and cozy though, I had to join him. I have a bike reserved at spinning tonight and plan to jump in for the second half of Turbo Kick too, so it’s okay.
  • Wednesday- 4 mile run
  • Thursday- 4 mile run
  • Friday- begrudgingly drag myself to the YMCA and swim a mile in the pool. 
  • Saturday- rest day
  • Sunday- race day!!!
Let’s talk swimming for a minute here. I’m not a fan. I did one season of swim team and started in the scoring heats and half way through the season got bumped to non scoring. My races were the 100 meter free style and the 200 meter free style. I never did get breathing perfected because frankly I didn’t have to. If I took half a dozen breaths in 200 meters it was enough. I just didn’t need to learn. Or so I thought. Now I do need to learn though and that is my big to do for the winter. Get my swim situated, learn to breath like a normal person, and be ready and able for IM Cuse in June and plan to free style the whole swim. That’s the goal. 

I haven’t swam in a month, not since Iron Girl Cuse. And my swim for that race was a hot mess, like I added 50 seconds to my time from the previous year, even though my total race time was over 21 minutes faster. Do you see the problem here..? So my goal is to get myself into the pool Friday morning and get some swimming in. Then swim all winter long. 

So that’s about where I stand for training and for my final triathlon. I’m impatiently waiting for IM Cuse to open registration. The early bird registration fee is only good up until 9/17/13, but registration hasn’t opened yet, so I’m not entirely sure how that goes, but whatever. I should probably get through my last three races for this season before I start getting all crazy over next summer. One thing at a time, right? 

2 Replies to “It’s Swimming, Not Drowning”

  1. I think swimming is the #1 reason I haven’t done a tri yet and have none on my race schedule! I officially passed the swim test at my local swimming pool when I was like 10 so that I could swim in the deep section, but other than that I really have no experience swimming. I know there are running clubs around me, are there any tri clubs out there? I think it would be cool to practice swimming with a bunch of other people who could push you to be faster, you know? I actually follow a girl’s blog who is getting ready for a tri and she goes to some kind of local “learn to swim outdoors for your tri” meetup group, I’ll have to see if I can get you the link to her blog because it’s really cool!

  2. There is a local tri club here, but I haven’t gathered the nerve to join them yet. I want to. They swim kind of solo from what I’ve heard though, so I’d like to get the basics down in the pool then start doing swims with them next season early on.

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