Just a Bunch of Pain, No Big Deal

Well, so much for starting Ironman training. I was looking forward to getting my base building training rolling, but I only made it through Monday and Tuesday before throwing in the towel.

Monday I followed my plan for a base run of 5K and some arm/back/core strength work. Tuesday I got up and swam in the morning, using my hand paddles to work on my stroke technique. And I begrudgingly made it to spinning, but I left with about fifteen minutes left. 

My knee was feeling fine up until Monday afternoon. Two weeks off from running after the initial pain crept in post half marathon felt like it did the trick, but no dice. And now it’s been on and off since. I thought skipping my long run Wednesday would be a smart idea and I called my sports med doctor instead. Thursday I got up and threw a knee brace and got as far as driving half way to the gym before I realized my Garmin was sitting at home. So I turned around to go back for it only to never make it back out of the house. Gym fail two days in a row. 

And Friday, I started my morning off with an 8:30am trip to my sports med doctor to get my knee looked at. I was going to hobble along until the 22nd when I was scheduled to get my hip follow up, but my hip is still enormous, so really, why bother..? 

So I got yanked, prodded, and x-rayed for a second time and after my x-rays came out clean I was diagnosed with patellar chondromalacia  which is what I expected. Basically my kneecap came out of alignment and rubbed against the bone and cause some irritation to the cartilage underneath. 

I was shipped off out of the doctors office with a script for prescription strength oral anti inflammatory meds and a script for physical therapy. Thankfully the place the recommended is right across the street from my office, so I can just wander over as needed since my job is pretty flexible like that. The negative here is that I have to pay a copay every time I go, twice a week for a month. I’m perpetually broke and where this money will come from is unknown to me. Probably my poor sad credit card. Sigh. Nothing like charging medical bills to make you feel financially secure. 

The PT place was able to get me in right away when I walked in. The PT I’m seeing yanked, pulled, and shoved on my legs in every which way. He measured my range of mobility and strength, studied my gait, and measured my legs. Fun fact, my left leg is longer and I’m in the “gray area” of it may be a bit too much longer than other. True story. But the general consensus from both my PT and sports med doc is that favoring my hip caused me to change my gait and throw my knee out of alignment. So my new regimen is oral anti inflammatory, anti inflammatory cream, ice, stretching, PT. I’m still cleared to keep working out as long as I do all of the aforementioned things immediately afterwards. In fact, the PT encouraged me to run Monday morning at least a few hours before my appointment. So we’ll see. 

I’m a bit sore from all the prodding and yanking from today, but glad to be getting some real help in getting over all this. And I’m seriously glad I’m still cleared to run, for now at least. Fingers crossed that by December I’m all fixed up and good to go. I plan to continue training as much as possible through all this. I need to get my base building in so I can kick up the intensity in the early spring. I’ve got big goals for 2014 and being sidelined ain’t one of em.

Have you ever had a sports injury? What was it and how’d you deal?
What motivates you to push through when the going gets tough?

6 Replies to “Just a Bunch of Pain, No Big Deal”

  1. Girl, I hear ya. I’ve been having issues with my knee too. My PT has me doing all kinds of things after every run. I hope yours gets better soon.
    The only thing that keeps me motivated is setting small goals. I have a 10k December 15th since I couldn’t continue my marathon training. Baby steps.

    1. The thing is I’ve been running for 13 years and have never had a knee problem until about four weeks ago now. I’m still cleared to train as normal for now though my PT mentioned I should cut back my mileage and fill that time in the pool instead. I’m already registered for a 40 mile super intense reverse tri, a half Ironman, and a half marathon for next year, so I need this taken care of.

  2. Oh man I think I have the exact same thing and it came on about a month ago. I have a doc appt on the 22nd and I’m pretty sure he’s going to tell me the same news you got. I don’t have any big races I’m training for but being idle isn’t my idea of a party either. Good luck healing up you knee girl!

  3. I feel your pain…literally! I’ve been dealing with a hip and knee issue too. Doc says I can run low mileage but not long mileage. I missed one of my half marathons yesterday. My next one is December 7th and I’m just hoping I can at least be ready to run/walk it.

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