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Monday, Monday, Monday. 

I had an 8am meeting, so no morning workout. Then my aunt came into town for the night. She works as a manager for a traveling health clinic and occasionally crashes with us. She was already at my house when I got home from work, so no evening workout either. Then couple that with going out for dinner and drinks at a local bar and my day was kaput. Very fun, love spending time with my aunt, but not conducive to training. C’est la vie.

Tuesday morning was tough to get up for. My body was not excited for a morning workout. Not at all. 

I walked into the gym with a “just do something to sweat out the booze” mentality. 

Ended up doing a 2 mile run that included an easy first mile and a high intensity sprint filled second mile that was almost a full two minutes faster. Followed that up with squats and planks for my Junebug’s challenge and that was all I had in me for the morning. But as always, I made it to spinning, so there’s that. Love me some two-a-days workouts. 

This morning I redid my lactic threshold time trial for running and am finally all set on that. I’m thinking of doing my first heart rate zone run tomorrow on the indoor track. 

The gym is starting to see an upswing in activity as well lately. When I first show up a bit after 6am it’s the same handful of people as always, but by the time I leave I’m noticing it’s much busier than usual. The perk of working out on a college campus that is primarily closed to the public means very few, if any, resolutioners after New Years. But that’s because it’s generally a delayed influx that is seen more when the students get back on campus from their winter break. The first few kids are starting to trickle back onto campus and I suspect next week when they’re all back that the gym will be quite busy. At least until they get busy with school, although the 6am crowd is always the first to fall away. I will have to be diligent about calling ahead for spinning to reserve a bike though. 

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has been commenting, leaving me yummy meal ideas and jeans brand recommendations. Sometimes I’m really good about responding to comments and other times not so much. But I really appreciate the love. 

What is your favorite time of day to workout and why?
Favorite training exercise? 

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  1. Morning for sure. I find by the end of the day I’m less motivated which is one of the reasons I started training with a run group in the evenings. If I’m accountable to someone, I’ll show up. My favourite training exercise would have to be box jumps. I’m relatively new to them but holy smokes are they hard and they work up a good sweat.

  2. It’s really funny that you talked about your spinning class being full – yesterday there were 20 bikes in the class and only about 7 of us! The class was at 5:00 pm but I thought with all the resolution people (aka me apparently since I’m one of the few new people in the class and I’m sure that’s how the regulars view me) that it would be more full. I actually liked having only a few people in the class because I felt less self conscious which is important for my first class! PS thanks again for the recommendation!

    1. I’m super happy you had a great class! Mine wasn’t full, there was only five of us. But the students will be back in full force this weekend so I need to remember to call ahead and reserve a bike otherwise I’ll get blocked out, which sucks since I have it worked into my half iron training plan.

  3. I just took a screen shot of the same thing (my HR zones) today! I love working out in the morning cause I feel like I have the most energy then. I use to workout around 4 or 5pm but I’ve slowly made the switch and feel good about it.

  4. I’ve seen an increase in gym goers where I workout as well. It’s great to see people working to improve or maintain their health (as long as they don’t take up all the machines, Ha! j/k). I am and have always been a morning person and need to get in my exercise right away to start the day off right!

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