Just Keep Runnin’ and Runnin’

As much as I should be focused on triathlon training right now, I’ve been mostly running. But with my Oly in less than two weeks I need to shift that focus. 

Sunday Rob and I ran 10.3 miles of the half course. We averaged 9:30/mile pace, which is good, but not fast enough if we want to come in under 2 hours. I was hoping we’d be a touch faster since the course is pretty much completely flat, but it’s still like a month and a half way, so I’m not worrying too much about time just yet. But flat was a very nice change of pace from our usual hills. Geneva is Hill Hell, can’t go a mile without a climb of some sort, it’s just damn near impossible. But it’s good honestly, it’s making me a stronger runner and cyclist. 

Yesterday I did my preferred four mile run. Someone was even nice enough to throw their porno magazine out onto Pre Emption Road so I had a nice 10 foot stretch of tata’s and hooha’s mid run. Lovely. 

This morning I set out for a run with no particular mileage in mind, but less then a mile in the trots overtook me. I managed to get home and came in just under 2 miles. Lame. Although my quads have been pretty sore the last few days, so maybe it’s for the better. But I do have spinning tonight, so they won’t happy with me tonight either. Or tomorrow when I subject them to a 14-16 mile brick workout at 6am. 

My eating this weekend was completely out of control too. And yesterday at work was a hectic whirlwind and long day that I had no idea I had scheduled until like half way through my day. It threw me off and my eating was a wreck again because of it. I really need to figure out my issues with food, it’s a bit ridiculous. I’ve been struggling with food for over ten years now. You’d think I’d figure it out by now, but I guess not. 

I’m also still giving my heart rate monitor the hairy eyeball. It seems to be working better after wiping the transmitter down with rubbing alcohol as suggested by Polar, but I still feel like it’s a bit low and slow with transmitting and that my calorie burn is low too. Or, more likely, I’m in complete denial about how efficiently my body is working nowadays and refuse to come to terms with the fact that I just don’t burn as many calories as I want. Regardless, if I can scrounge up a few hundred extra bucks (yeah, right *insert eye roll here*) I’d love to invest in a GPS enabled watch. Or I can join the modern world, move my music from my ancient ipod onto my phone and just use mapymyrun while I run with my phone instead of my ipod. More economical, but not as much fun as new toys. And a new wetsuit is more pertinent to my goals for next year anyways. And there’s that nagging thing called snow and crap New York winter weather that will land me on a treadmill for like seven months, sooooo… that too. 

Anyhoodle, that’s about where I stand with training right now. We’ll do another long run, somewhere in the 11 mile range this Sunday. Then the following Sunday is my Oly tri, so it’s getting down to nitty gritty with that. 

I hope everyone else is puttering along all right this week, cause it’s going to be a long one.