Lackadaisical Training

Training, ugh. With four of my seven planned races for the season done, I need to remind myself I still have three left, two of which are biggies. 

I’m trying to mostly focus on my triathlon training right now as my next race is my Oly in about 3-ish weeks. I didn’t run Monday because it was monsooning out at 6am. Yesterday I did an indoor brick; an hour of spinning followed by a short 1.25 mile, 9/mile, on the treadmill. I forget how boring the treadmill is. I’ll be really sad when the weather turns and I’m forced back inside for like six or seven months. 

I’m finding I really need to work on my core strength. I’ve been focusing a lot on my form when spinning and riding lately and I can always feel it in my core afterwards. Time to start working on that as I’ve seriously neglected it. 

As for the rest of the week, I’m not really sure. I should go to spinning again Thursday and I probably will even though the subbing instructor isn’t my favorite. Sunday we’ll run 8+ miles are part of our half training. I need to get a real bike ride in as well as make myself go to the YMCA and get in the pool. The swim for my Oly is .9 miles and I might die. I might. I’m just really sick of swimming like a loser, but I’m not willing to attempt to change my swim style 3 weeks out from my longest tri ever. So my plan is to suffer through this one then beg Ellen to teach me to swim like an actual triathlete. Either way, I need to swim at least once or twice between now and my Oly. 

I’m also starting to hone in on race nutrition and fuel. I think I might be in love shot blocks. So yummy, the consistency doesn’t bother me, and they give me almost instant energy boost. I tried one type of gel too, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over the consistency enough to use them. Plus, it made my tummy a bit crampy. And I’ll still stick with my tried and true method of 50/50 water/gatorade mix in my water bottles on bike courses for triathlons and in my bottles for long runs. And while prerace I’ll probably never deviate since I am creature of habit, I still plan to stick to Luna Bars. But I’m not a huge fan snarfing chunks of them down in transition and I don’t feel like choking on them mid run. So I’m thinking since I like the shot blocks so far I’ll keep working with those and they can hopefully become my go to mid race/training fuel. 

This weekend will be glorious. After three back to back to back race weekends, I’m stoked to have zero things planned or obligated to me. We’re thinking we’ll go see the new Kick Ass movie, get a free month of netflix with my new married email and watch the whole first season of Orange is the New Black, and run our 8+ miles on Sunday. Otherwise, I don’t really plan to leave my couch. Definitely need an off weekend and I’m very excited for it.