Lake Living and Lugging Myself Through Workouts

Oh what a week. My husband was actually off work for the whole week and it was super awesome. We never get that kind of time off together. Also, our new windows and sliding glass door were finished up. It’s so nice having real, functioning windows and the new door out to the deck is amazing. The dog is a bit confused by using a new door, but it’s worth a little learning curve.


This week wasn’t my best, but I still got a decent amount of workouts in.

Monday I laced up and headed out for a run. It was slow and super uncomfortable. I only did a mile and felt like I was seriously struggling the entire time. Might be my slowest single mile I’ve ever run in my life at 12:52. Not my proudest, but I’m turning into a blimp and still plodding along, so I can’t be upset.

Tuesday I went to spinning and once again, I’m realizing how much pregnancy is affecting me. I’m exerting effort that feels similar to my usual level of effort, but normally that would push my heart rate in the 160-170+ range and right now anything over 145 feels equally as difficult as when my heart rate is up around 180. I also did not think I would make it through the whole class without peeing my pants, and I went twice in the 30 minutes before class. Clearly someone was snoozing right on my bladder. I hopped off the second class ended and sprinted to the bathroom in my cycling cleats, hearing the instructor laugh at me as I dashed out. She has kids, she knew what I was doing.

Don't mind me. I might be round and carting a second person around, but I can still hold my own in the gym.
Don’t mind me. I might be round and carting a second person around, but I can still hold my own in the gym.

Wednesday I didn’t get in a formal workout, but we ended up in Syracuse and went hiking with my parents. We took both dogs and went to a county park where it’s not only acceptable, but expected that dogs are off leash. Griswold had sooooo much fun! We did two or so miles of semi technical trails. Nothing too strenuous, but it was so fun. We definitely want to go back to this park again.

Thursday I ended up running instead of going to spin class. I did 1.26 miles and felt decent. It’s really hard running pregnant, my body is definitely having to seriously work for it, but I feel fine enough to keep going, so I will. I know my body will let me know when I can’t run anymore. For now, despite my 12:31/mile pace, I’m going to keep on heading out and sludging along. We also had a couple of friend come out for the day and we did a lot of walking around downtown, eating ice cream, and playing on the playground by the lake. It was a lot of fun but man did it wipe me out.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that even though we live about an hour from friends and family, we landed in a beautiful place to start calling home for us.

Friday I woke up in a sour mood. Pregnancy has done that to me more times than I’d like. I wasn’t even ut of bed yet and I was wishing desperately for the day to be over. I did not workout, I did not walk enough steps to make my Garmin happy, and I did not drink enough water. I did cry to my husband about the fact that I am suddenly having to plan my own baby shower if I want one because no one else seems to care enough to help me.¬†Pregnancy has made me entirely unable to control my emotions and the amount of complete sob infused meltdowns I’m having is increasing at an alarming rate.

Saturday I planned to run but a charlie horse at 4am left me limping. That was okay though because it was raining a decent amount when we got up, so we headed to the gym instead and did a 30 minute solo spin on the spin bikes while Hubby ran on the treadmill. I felt great and had a good ride.

Sunday the closest thing to a workout I got in was a two mile walk with Griswold. I had hoped to swim, but my in laws came at 10am and the Sunday pool hours at 10-12, of course.

This week I’m planning to run today, spin Tuesday and Thursday, and then I’ll play by ear which days I run again and hopefully toss a swim in. I have to go to school to do some curriculum writing today and tomorrow, then Wednesday I have an early OB appointment out in Syracuse.

What were your best and worst workouts this week?