Let The Weekend Onslaught Begin

Happy Friday!!! And it’s a race weekend for me, yeehaw! Weird that I posted all five weekdays this week. Must have been my strangely light training schedule or something. 

I’m trying to keep me legs feeling rested and fresh for Saturday’s onslaught. I should be fine as long as I can work out the knot I have going on in my right calf thanks to a 4am charlie horse that hit me early Thursday morning. 

So, what exactly do I have in store for me this weekend you might ask. That’s a great question, because I have no effing idea myself. Like I said the other day, I registered for this one on a whim in a registration black out and good faith. And now only one day out I’m looking at the elevation charts thinking holy hell what did I just do..? 

Well, here’s the elevation charts including the race director’s commentary just to let you know how much I might suffer-

The 18K trail run

The 29 mile bike course

Plus this is the disclaimer from their race website about that horrid looking end climb on the bike-

Seriously, this part of the climb is NOT for the tame of heart and IT WILL HURT YOU. More than one rider has dismounted here and decided that walking up this hill was much better than attempting to ride up it. In fact, many of our past riders have come home with a mileage reading of 29.5 to 30 miles simply because they had to go back and forth up this road to keep their momentum in order to prevent tipping.

So… that. But don’t worry, I’ll do a full race report next week and let you all know how painful yet most likely awesome it really is. Also, their facebook page mentioned how excessively muddy a few parts of the trail are and that one spot it’s flooded thanks to a beaver dam causing a pond to overflow. I’m wishing I didn’t donate my last pair of Brooks to one of those shoe recycle projects now as I’m thinking I may want a mid run/special needs show swap. Because running a significant distance in soaking wet shoes sounds like a terrible choice on all accounts. 

I need to remember to treat this race as a training race. I know my competitive type A-ness will kick in once I start, but I need to really try to reel myself in on this one. With IMCuse only five weeks out I need to not destroy myself here. If I need to walk during the run than so be it. I will not agonize over my pace times. And I will dismount on the bike if I have to, which would be a first for me and I’m hoping doesn’t happen. But really, not dying is almost as high up on my “goals” list for this race as just finishing is. 

Otherwise, I’m really excited to spend the weekend camping with my wonderful Husband and Griswold. I think we’re going to have a great time and the weather looks like it’s going to be close to perfect. Can’t complain there.

In other news on the Ironman 70.3 Syracuse front, the swim wave assignments and athlete guide are out. I am officially in swim wave three which is the very first age grouper swim wave after the two pro waves go off. This means I hit the water at 7:05am sharp. This is good and bad. Bad because I’m slow and now literally everyone is behind me to trample me down in the water. Awesome because I hit the bike and run that much earlier in the day and can hopefully beat the heat that is sure to be there. And did I mention that the athlete’s guide is 21 pages long? No? Well, it is. 

And don’t forget to head over to my giveaway and enter to win a custom designed shirt from myraceragz.com. You can enter daily for the next two weeks. 

 Happy weekend friends!

8 Replies to “Let The Weekend Onslaught Begin”

  1. It looks like you’ve signed up for a mountain section of the Tour de France! It takes guts to do something like this, which you obviously have. Enjoy the race, push past the discomfort, and smile when you think about how crazy you are 🙂 I look forward to reading all about it.

  2. Nothing like a little pain and torture to look forward to this weekend. 🙂 I’m sure it will be incredibly challenging, but will feel great to finish. Looking forward to your recap!

  3. Whoa that sounds intense! But I know you can do it. Plus you will look like a total boss every time you tell people you finished that race 🙂 Good luck, I can’t wait to hear about it!

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