Life and Training

Holy cats, you guys. Shit is getting real over here.

Life has just continued to snowball at a rapid rate that is leaving our heads spinning. Like, for real, there is so much happening right now.

Our house went on the market on Tuesday, June 7th in the morning. We had a showing that afternoon and an offer rolled in late that night. We negotiated back and forth for days before finally agreeing on a price and going under contract that Saturday. We ended up going under contract for significantly more money then we ever thought our little fixer upper might bring us. Hello investment payoff!

From there we had our inspection that following Monday. And then we didn’t hear back for a full week.

We disclosed that our home, at 85 years old, has asbestos in the basement. Here in Geneva basically every single house has it due to the age of all the homes within the city limits. It was in our property disclosure. People out here aren’t really phased by asbestos. But our buyers were. They came back at us asking for a crazy amount of money. Like absolutely crazy. Thankfully, I have extended family who owns an asbestos removal company and after a quick phone call to them and an email with some pictures in it, they were able to give us a removal quote and the buyers finally agreed to our terms, which was “we’re not giving you any money, get over it and fix it yourselves.”

And while all that was going on, so was this


We’re building a house. A big, shiny, brand new house. No more fixer upper, non stop work and maintenance. Just done.

We’ve spent the last three weeks inundated with meeting with our realtor, our builder, or mortgage broker. We’ve been packing and cleaning, Rob started a brand new job and I immersed myself in finishing mine for the summer. I don’t know that the word “busy” even does these last few weeks justice.


With everything going on, my training has been basically nonexistent. Run here, spin there, that’s about it. I struggled to even squeeze in two workouts a week for the last few weeks. But this past week I made a concerted effort to get back into the swing of things.

Monday- 20 miles on the trainer, varying gear changes. Nothing too crazy, just trying to spin for an hour plus.


Tuesday- 2 mile run, splits of 11:36 and 11:04 respectively. This was later at night though. I got home from work and immediately, unintentionally fell asleep on the couch for like and hour and half. Oops.

I missed working out Wednesday because we had to go into Syracuse to meet with our mortgage broker.

Thursday- 5k run. Splits were 11:38, 11:37, 11:49, and 8:49 for the last tenth of a mile.

Saturday- I set out early to join my tri club for a ride. It’s the first time I’ve been outside on my bike since last April. Like as in a year and half. In the back of my mind I knew I should have joined the group riding the Musselman short course, but I’m registered for the 70.3 so I headed off with the long course group.


Being out on my bike felt amazing.

For about 25 miles. Then my legs started to get a little heavy. And then we turned onto the Swick Road hill and my tired legs protested. I’ve biked plenty of big hills before, but on this hill, that I’ve ridden before, on this day, I ran out of gears. I unclipped, tumbled into the grass, and did the defeated uphill walk of shame in my bike shoes.

After that my legs felt pretty toasted and I fell back. We got to Jen’s grandmother’s house at the 40 mile mark and I threw in the towel, bat signaled my tri club, and hitched a ride home.

I knew 56 miles for my first ride in a year and a half was ambitious, but I was determined to try. But here’s the thing; Musselman is in two weeks. TWO WEEKS.

This ride was an eye opener to the fact that you can’t miss four weeks training then jump back in and pick right back up where you should have left off.

So now I need to make the tough decision on whether I want to fight my way through Musselman 70.3 in two weeks or if I should drop down to the sprint. I know I just had a baby seven months ago, I know life has sucked up all my time and energy lately and that I should be gentle with myself, but it’s hard.

I know what kind of athlete I USED to be. I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the athlete I am now.

And now, this week, it’ll be decision time.

When have you had to make a difficult training or race decision?

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  1. A new house is SO exciting!! I can’t wait to see pics of the finished home ๐Ÿ™‚ Life happens, and with it comes tough decision making. I’ve had to make similar tough decisions in the past, but for different reasons. I don’t envy you, but whatever decision you make, be sure you really ok with it…no regrets. Best of luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰
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  2. So do you ever just relax? Haha, you and Rob have certainly been busy lately!

    Hardest racing decision I had to make was deciding to defer my entry in my first marathon. I had trained hard for almost 18 weeks and felt like such a failure for not doing the race. But it was definitely the right call (if you remember, this was when we both had calf strains). I maybe could have trudged through the race and walked most of it, but that wasn’t how I wanted to remember my first marathon and I didn’t want to risk making my injury worse.

    If it were me, I would want to drop down to the sprint distance. It would be much less likely that you would come out of the race injured and I feel like you would be more likely to have a positive race experience. That would, hopefully, get you even more excited about training/racing for the rest of the summer/fall. If you were to stick with the 70.3 I think there is a greater risk for injury, which could throw away the rest of the season. Or you might be so frustrated by the race experience that you decide that you just need a break from trying to push yourself so hard and spread yourself so thin.

    Obviously I’m injecting my own experiences and thoughts into the decision. You could have the opposite experience where a bad race motivates you to train harder, etc. Plus you know your limits/injury tolerance way better than I do. Good luck making the decision; I know it is a tough one. Either way, I’ll be cheering you on from Michigan.
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    1. I do remember when you bowed out of your marathon. Such a difficult decision.

      Being injury prone I really do need to consider that. And I’d hate to be miserable for 7-8 hours, potentially. But I feel like if I can’t do 70.3 by now then there’s no way I can 144.6 come September and that this will be the nail in my Ironman coffin. Ugh, I hate making hard choices.

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