Life Intervals

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am tired, Batman.

I got to school yesterday at 6:40am. I left school at 4:40pm. I don’t actually have to be there until 730 and I am free to leave at 3. See that? Me too. But I have soooo much work to do. Aside from writing lessons and material for everyday I also have to grade all that stuff, figure out the Infinite Campus system, call parents, file paperwork, attend a gazillion meeting, do a bunch of extra stuff in terms of assessment thanks common core, and just everything. There is so much to do. Everyone one of my planning periods is completely sucked dry because there’s just more stuff to do than time in the day. And if I want to even look at the internet, walk my dog, workout, see my husband, or get anything in the house done, I just can’t be in school all day. Did I mention I was there on Sunday working? I was. And I will be there again this Sunday too. Because that’s just life for me right now. Thank goodness I have fabs to get in to the building 24/7 and a fully functioning printer has finally found it’s way to my room.

Thankfully I get new kids every ten weeks, which also mean I restart my curriculum every ten weeks. So after the first week in November my life will calm down a lot since I’ll have a base of plans to work off. Hopefully.

I wish it was Griswold in the picture. But this fluffly dog will do!
I wish it was Griswold in the picture. But this fluffly dog will do!

I’m also helping Hubs finish up the basement. We are sooooo close to being done. I mean, it’s not my ideal thing to do at 6:30 at night after rushing home from school, running errands, doing dishes, and trying to squeeze some painting in before I completely and utterly crash by 9pm, but Rob’s done so much incredible work down there. It’s the least I can do for him. I’ll be so excited to share some before and after pictures soon. It’s seriously insane!

In other news, I went to the tri club’s track practice Tuesday night. It took all my energy to drag myself there. How do people work out in the evening after long days of life happening? It’s so hard! Can I please run in the morning again?

It was good though, very much needed. Our workout was 3×800-600-400-200. I only did two sets since I’m still not 100% with my leg yet. And consequently I opted to skip my run yesterday. My leg was a bit sore, but it didn’t really start until the afternoon, so obviously being on my feet all day in work shoes isn’t helping.

For my warm up I ran from my house to the track, plus two laps around. That put me at just shy of a mile. Good enough. I live so freaking close to the high school track. I really have no excuse not to go workout there.

My 800’s- 4:33 and 4:40 respectively, meaning a pace of 8:53 and 9:09

My 600’s- 3:35 and 3:32 respectively, making a pace of 9:19 and 8:40.

My 400’s- 2:13 and 2:06 respectively, putting me at a pace of 8:36 and 8:05

My 200’s- 55 and 49 seconds respectively, paces of 7:18 and 6:19

Cool down was just running back home. Total mileage was 3.84. I really should have just ran a bit past my house and gotten to 4 miles. That will bug me for eternity.



It’d be nice to be fast again. Back in my high school track days I ran sub-30 second 200m hurdles. Now I can’t even sprint a sub-30 second 200 without hurdles in my way. Bah.

Anyways, I’m happy to be running again. Although I’m pretty sure I want to go to spinning tonight. Although I didn’t call to reserve a bike and odds are they’re all scooped up by now. Maybe I’ll just run. Ho hum we shall see.

Be on the lookout for a race report from last weekend. Plus I still want to get a post up about volunteering at FLT. So all of that is on the way. And because I failed to mention it on Tuesday, Tri Talk’s theme for next week is taper in honor of Cynthia heading to Ironman 70.3 Augusta on Sunday following TTT next week. So get ready to chat all about tapering!

Tell me what you do for a living and why it’s awesome.

If you could design a track workout, what intervals would you set? Make me a workout!

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  1. I work in oil and gas. It’s awesome because after the inital learning curve, it’s pretty easy. Plus, I really like most of my coworkers, so that makes going to work easier. I also like that I have every other Monday off from work 🙂

    I’d probably do something like you did above and throw in a few 100 sprint, 100 jog, 100 sprint, 100 jog to work on my intervals a bit more.
    The Famous Mudder recently posted…Week 27 RecapMy Profile

  2. I can’t wait to see the basement!! And…GREAT paces for your track workout!!! My favorite track workouts are 400m repeats with 400m recoveries in between…8-12 repeats are ideal for me!

    I work in Pharma, my job right now is to work directly with Drs and medical associations to understand unmet needs in our disease areas and work with them to develop/improve/move forward our drug development programs and support them in their educational needs. I love it! I just got a new job so I will be moving over to marketing now with more of a focus on patients and our digital footprint vs. HCPs.
    Sara @ lifebetweenthemiles recently posted…CH-CH-CHA-CHANGES!My Profile

  3. Your life sounds like my life at the moment. Good lord. I work in advertising and I used to think it was awesome. It does have it’s perks but, it’s no longer my favourite thing anymore, ha ha. The people I work with are awesome though and sometimes that’s half the battle.
    Definitely post pics of the basement reno! I love seeing stuff like that!
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…That’s All She Wrote: Lakeside Sprint Tri Race ReportMy Profile

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