Life As I Don’t Know It

It’s Monday here in Zombieland. I’m tired. Sleep is difficult and short lived. Baby is needy a lot. My needs go by the wayside sometimes. But I guess that’s just the way it works now.


I’m two weeks postpartum today and trying to learn a new normal. New way of sleeping, functioning, taking care of a new little person, of taking care of myself and Griswold and Rob, of getting things done around the house, of seeing and accepting myself. Everything is very different.

A little postpartum update- My c-section is still kind of tender and sore. Getting up from laying down is still probably the most painful thing I do. That and stretching. And sneezing. I really have to brace myself for a sneeze or a cough. But at this point I am feeling a lot better. I’m down to pain meds as needed and am sticking to a combination of Tylenol and Ibuprofen 99% of the time, if I take anything at all. I’m hoping to be pain free in another week. Hopefully. I’m tired of holding my belly.

My body, ooof. I gained an even 40lbs. And not for lack of trying to keep it off. I stayed active, running and spinning until I was 31 weeks, and after that I was going out and walking almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day if I could. But my body just did what it was going to do. I’m hoovering around a 19-20lbs lost right now, and I know it would be more if it wasn’t for all the Thanksgiving leftovers that we were given as a way  to not have to grocery shop or cook for another week. They are delicious and I’m grateful for it all, but I also really want to start shaking all this weight off. I did get cleared to walk at my doctors appointment, so I’m planning to start hitting the treadmill today and start walking everyday until my six week appointment when I will hopefully be cleared to start working out for real. I’m having a bit of a tough time adjusting to a whole new body. It took me 27 years to learn to appreciate and accept the one I had and now it’s all different and I feel like I’m starting back at square one. All my clothes fit awkwardly and weird and my size needs are different. For the first time in my whole life I have a tummy and it’s weird and squishy and flops over my incision kind of funny like. And I still have another four weeks before I can actually start working out again.


I do keep reminding myself that this new body of mine spent nine long months growing a new life, a whole human person inside of it, so I can’t fault it entirely.

Life with a newborn is also interesting. I’m definitely kept busy, which is crazy because right now she mostly sleeps. But somehow I’m still constantly tending to her. She’s lucky she is so darn cute, so I don’t mind. I definitely love when she just hangs out tummy to tummy with me and either snoozes there or looks around and hangs out. It’s basically my favorite and worth forfeiting some of my own personal time to enjoy all the baby snuggles. I know they aren’t forever so I’m trying to soak them in now.

So two weeks in I’m realizing that this is hard, and tiring, and I’ve definitely cried quite a few times already. But it’s also pretty incredible and surreal and I’m happy to be taking on a new adventure.

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  1. Hang in there! While I’m not a mom, I know what it feels like to feel like you’re helpless or even failing at trying to learn as a new normal. Don’t worry about your body or your skills as a new mom. You’ve totally got this!

    1. The walk definitely helped. It was weird to be on my treadmill and not run, but it felt good to do something.

  2. Congratulations mommy! She’s so beautiful. I hope the hormones are calming down because new motherhood sure is a rollercoaster of emotions. Now about that weight. It takes forever to lose that baby weight. Okay wait let me actually be honest here. It takes about 9 months to a year. Or if you nurse for a year it takes about a few weeks more than that. I had a lactation consultant that kept telling me to relax the last 5 pounds would come of when I stopped nursing and I fretted about it non stop. Then sure enough I stopped nursing and kept doing everything else the same and within a few weeks poof. It totally sucks. The only thing that makes it worthwhile is that crying, pooping ball of cuteness that will someday call you mom.

    However – for the moment. Let’s not worry about the weight, okay. You just did a miraculous thing. You grew a whole brand new human being inside your body. A HUMAN BEING. You girl are a SUPERHERO. Seriously, be very proud of yourself. As women we really take this for granted because this is one of those things that being a woman is all about. But it is not easy. It is not always fun. It can be super de duper loney. But it is amazing and you are amazing and now for the next few months just concentrate on loving that baby and yourself. Just take good care of yourself. Love yourself. And if you feel like you are about to lose it (which happens … it does) take a deep breath and give a good friend a call. If you need a fellow mom to lean on I’m here for you.
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    1. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much this all means to me. You are seriously too sweet and kind. It’s really reassuring to hear other mom’s offer their advice and perspective, and I think perspective is often times what I truly need. Thank you so much <3

        1. Awww, I’m so glad I inspired you! You are super sweet <3 I will head over and check out your post for sure!

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