A Little Bit of Life

Oh hi.

I exist.

TGC has been quiet lately. I was doing okay at least getting my training updates posted, but even those have fallen by the way side the last couple of weeks. We’ve had a lot of life stuff happening right now that has been very consuming.

At the end of May I spent three days in Boston with my student council kiddos. We had a seriously jam packed schedule and I couldn’t have worked out no matter how much I may have wanted to. Then I came home from Boston to a sick baby and husband. I got about five hours of sleep over the course of the following three days, called out sick from school to sleep, and promptly got sick myself. I’ve been a coughing, hacking, sniveling, sniffling mess ever since. I rarely get sick, but when I do my body struggles to recuperate. And almost two weeks later I’m still blowing snot out of my head and having horrid coughing fits. I feel like crud. And consequently, I essentially lost two weeks worth of training.

Snuggle butt and I cuddling off our colds together.
Snuggle butt and I cuddling off our colds together.

We also got a spot of good news. Rob has happily accepted a new job at Syracuse University. Which means after six years in Geneva we’re finally moving home. We’ve been sucked into a whirlwind of house hunting out in Syracuse and trying to turn our house inside out to clean, pack, and prep to be put on the market, which will happen on Monday.

To say we’ve been busy is an understatement. Life is insane right now and training has definitely taken a back burner. As the dust settles though I am working on picking back up. I’ve gotten in a few interval runs to ease my still snotty self back into things and plan to be full force back in action at the the start of next week.

Nothing worth writing home about, but at least I got out and did a few runs.
Nothing worth writing home about, but at least I got out and did a few runs.

At this point, I’m still going to be racing IMCHOO, but I need to get myself back in gear or that physically won’t be able to happen. I also need to specifically set aside the travel money now. Before we could just afford to just jetset off down south, but with the expenses of moving and buying a new house we’re going to get very tapped out very quickly, so I need to actually crunch the numbers and put aside the change we need to be able to go. Adulting, blah.

I do plan to race though, I do. I just need to buckle down and get in my workouts next week to get myself back in the groove.

And the best news is that I only have three weeks of work left. I just need to get through three more weeks. I plan to use those to continue the build phase *cough*rebuild*cough* of my training, which has always been my plan. Then we’ll be moving in with my parents for a few months as soon as I’m out of work for the summer and I can train no holds bar at that point.

Tomorrow I plan to do a “long” run of four miles with the stroller and get myself back into my groove, then next week it’s back to the grind; long rides, long runs, a swim thrown in there somewhere.

Talk to me about moving and training!

What’s one awesome thing going on in your life right now? Brag about it!

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  1. Congrats on the hubby’s new job and the move!! It sounds like being back in Syracuse will be a huge blessing for you in the long run – despite how *awful* packing, buying a house, and moving can be. Better now before Ellie has so much more stuff!! Training while moving is just like training with a baby: pack your gear last, train when you can, be kind to yourself. Hope you’re feeling better!
    Jenn Porter recently posted…A++ (Weekly Recap)My Profile

  2. Wow!! Lots of exciting news, and yes…..it sounds like you have been beyond busy. Congrats to your hubby on his new job and that is great that you get to move back home. Best of luck on selling the house, finding a new house, moving, and getting back to the grind for your upcoming race!!

  3. Wow your life is soooo busy. I always think that it’s good babies are cute. I do hate when a sickness moves through my family. I’m impressed that you aren’t sick all the time with so much exposure to kids.

    Good luck and happy training!
    Amy recently posted…Train like it’s your jobMy Profile

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