Little Victories

Oh what a week. The holidays, they make things feel like such a whirlwind.

First thing’s first; weekly workout update.

I ran only once this week. On Monday I got on the treadmill and did another interval workout. I walked half a mile, ran half a mile, walked a quarter mile, ran a half mile, walked a quarter mile. That gave me one mile ran and two total miles. I felt good during the run intervals and it was hard for me not to want to keep going, but I made myself stop at the half mile marks. It’s important to me that I wait the full six weeks before I really start running again. And good news; I’m now six weeks postpartum as of today and I am planning to crank out a full, steady state mile run today. Little victories.

After run baby snuggles
After run baby snuggles

So that was it for me for workouts this week. I had planned to run at least one more time but it just didn’t happen.

We did get to celebrate baby’s first Christmas though, which was fun.

She’s totally unsure about this Christmas thing

We got her a few small things, plus we did our usual gift swap. Rob got me a few new triathlon things too, so here I come IMChoo! But really, we had a nice day at home celebrating. We know Ellie won’t remember this, but it was important to us to set the tone for how our Christmas holidays will go now as a new family with a kid in the mix.ย And we of course drove to Syracuse and celebrated with our families too. Overall it was a really good Christmas.

This week I’m planning to get in all the running I can muster up make time for. I’m also hoping to get Finley on the bike trainer so I can start riding again. That will require some puzzle work to make everything in the basement fit but I’ll figure it out. So excited to ride again! Hopefully I can have a good week with one more holiday looming on the horizon still.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Congratulations on little victories!! I hope you have an amazing run today and get to enjoy a ride or two this week! It looks like you had a very Merry Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy Holidays!!
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