I Lived

Still working out my post race kinks from ESHM on Sunday. Still a bit fatigued, but getting along better.

I spent all day Sunday post race in my compression tights, slept in them Sunday night, then again Monday night. By Tuesday I was finally mostly soreness free. My legs are definitely still feeling it though. But my take away here is that they’re actually super duper comfy to sleep in and I kind of just want to sleep in them every night.



I went out for an easy recovery run and had pain in my calf. Two very slow, very easy miles was all I did. Then I called my PT to schedule myself for the end of the week. But he’s out and my 30 day Rx is expiring Friday. Expiring already? Didn’t I just get another 30 days? Looks like a call to Dr. Mark is in store, again. Then getting in there regularly too. I somehow only went in once during this 30 day round, which the secretary tut-tut me over. Sorry.

Starting today I am making it a priority that I get back in the gym twice a week. Back to Tuesday/Thursday spin classes and getting a short lift in on those days. Then one day a week I’m going to make it a priority to swim. These things should help get me back in shape. I’ve been relying on my hopes of running strong again for months now and it’s just not enough to hope and wish and try to run anymore. Something else has got to give and I am finally conceding.

On Friday I played Friday Five with Cynthia and crew which was about favorite fitness music. One song that I threw into my playlist for Sunday that hesitated to list was I Lived by OneRepublic. I had only heard it briefly in passing and downloaded it on a whim. But it shuffled onto my playlist around mile 8.5 at ESHM, right about the point I started to feel tired and done. And you know what? That song is awesome.

It really gave me a mental boost and I officially love it and it will remain a constant fixture on my workout and running playlists indefinitely. Do yourself a favor and download it, then play you when you feel like you need a pick me up.

I also need to suck it up and order a new chest strap for my HRM. Mine has been glitching a bit lately and yesterday on my run it wigged the frick out. Trying to decide if I can just order a new strap and keep the actual monitor part, or if I need a whole new setup. Blahblahblah. Or someone can be super nice and just send me one. Ha. Yeah.

Okay, so spin and lift tonight. This weekend is dog sitting for my parents, so we’ll be out in the Cuse again. Because sleeping past 530am in my own bed is some sort of luxury I am no longer privvy to. Maybe someday again. Maybe someday.

Suggestions for strength exercises for my bum calves?

Last time you “slept in?”… and take that for whatever it’s worth to you

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  1. Calf raises (weighted or just body weight). Also, wall jumps.

    I don’t get to sleep past 5AM most days. I think the last time I slept in was back in September sometime, which would have been me sleeping until 7:30-8AM. It’s sad when sleeping past 5AM is considered sleeping in for me.
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  2. I LOVE that song – and One Republic. It’s amazing how the lyrics and sound of a song can be so inspiring. I always rely on music when I need a good boost. Sleeping in for me would be 7:30 but it rarely happens. It is much easier to sleep in during this time of year because it is still so dark later in the morning. This morning my husband and I got up at 7 and it was DARK (and rainy). I like taking naps though. 🙂
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