A Long Overdue Update

Hi. I’m here. Sort of.

Life got really busy there for a bit and obviously isn’t going to let up anytime soon.

My job situation changed drastically this year. I’m still at the same school district, but things got rocky for a bit. I was working a split position, half time middle school and half time high school, but the high school position got cut. I found out at the end of August while my department was gone for a week plus. I was frantic and stressed to say the very least. Lots of crying, swearing and being panicked for almost two weeks. We have a big new mortgage and a second kid on the way, so hearing your job was cut in half is really scary.

Thankfully for me, I was moved full time to a middle school in the district. It was startling to find out it started two weeks earlier then the rest of the district. I was called Friday afternoon with the news and told to report in on Tuesday, three days from then, when I thought I still had two weeks of summer left.

Also thankfully for me, the school is actually really great! It’s an adjustment for sure. And I’m the new person for the fourth time in five years of teaching. But my administrators are all amazing, the teachers I work with are so nice and welcoming, and I’m quickly making new friends and enjoying my students. They have a different way of doing things in this building and it’s a lot of work for me to shift my thinking and teaching style, but overall it’s a really positive change that I think is good.

As for being pregnant-

It’s going. I’m 31 weeks. Second pregnancy is moving fast, that’s for sure. But man, November still feels like it’s eons away at this point. Ellie came at 36 and change weeks and honestly, I’d be delighted if this one followed suit. I have no desire to know what 40 weeks pregnant feels like, ever.

I’ve been better this pregnancy, I think because I know what to expect. I’m also not high risk so I don’t have a zillion appointments or specialists to see or restrictions to be on. I’ve gained less weight and I’ve been wayyyyyy more active.

I have, however, had a lot more pains and aches. Second pregnancy problems I guess. My pelvis basically hates me. Like, seriously hates me. I’m pretty sure my SI joints will be permanently broken after this. They grind and sting and pop most days. Wrong steps give me stabbing pains in my pubic joint. Some days sitting hurts, other days standing or walk hurts. Every night sleeping hurts. Especially rolling over and climbing in and out of our way too high bed, all things I do a lot of, every night all night.

Despite that, I’m still going strong. Since going back to work I haven’t gotten in workouts beyond the weekends. I might try to get some easy ones in once or twice a week after work now that life is settling more, but if I don’t I won’t sweat it. I’m coming home every day with 9-10k in steps. I’m still running on the weekends.

Even being a giant preggly I’m still plodding along. I can still run 2 plus miles and I’m currently hovering around a 12:15/mile pace. With Ellie I stopped running at 32 weeks, when a single 13:30 minute mile felt like torture. I’m still feeling good during runs at this point, amazingly. Heck I was still running with the stroller up until about a week or two ago. I really need to stop that though, it destroys my SI joints. But my treadmill doesn’t, so running still I am.

I’m also knee deep in toddlerhood now too. My kid will be two years old in two months. TWO! I can’t believe it. She’s sassy, has my attitude and impatience, but her daddy’s sense of curiosity, inquisition, and thoughtfulness. She talks a ton though we’re still working on stringing words together. She’s a great sleeper and ball of energy all at once.

She’s going to be a great big sister. And I’m so excited to give her a sister and watch them grow to be life long friends.

Right now, life is busy and hectic, but it’s good. Work is exhausting, pregnancy is really hard, but my family, my life, it’s good right now.