Long Weeks and Little Workouts

Whew, last week was long and difficult.

School and life are tiring and overwhelming right now. I feel like I need a a full weekend to just lay in my bed and not get out of it so I can decompress. I’m sure it’s all made more difficult than it otherwise would be since my energy levels are tanking. I’m so uncomfortable and impatient and cranky all the time now.

I only left school even remotely close to “on time” last week once. I assigned FOURTEEN detentions, and spent our teacher work day on Friday in horrible discomfort and pain. We were stuck in either a conference room or the LGI all day long pouring over rubrics and the DTDSE and our local assistance plan. Baby would not get our of my ribs and I was hurting something fierce by about 1 pm. I got up and walked around a few times, but I was on the verge of tears by 3 pm when I could finally bail.

Workout recap is sub par. I went to spinning once week before last. This past week all I did was walking. I walked Griswold every day, which is good, but I also just signed up for an Ironman, so I’d like to keep some shred of my fitness base intact, although at this point I’m pretty sure it’s long gone.

Oh hey! There's my feet. I don't see them very much anymore.
Oh hey! There’s my feet. I don’t see them very much anymore.

So I went out for a run Saturday morning.

And by run I mean I set my Garmin 920XT to 2:1 run walk intervals. I felt great during them actually, and I wish I could have gone for longer than the 1.09 miles I covered. But my rapid weight gain, shifted center of gravity, and changed running gait is killing my shins. And I wasspent by the mile point purely based on my shins. The rest of me felt great and just wanted to keep going. Hopefully I can shake my baby weight in a decent amount of time once I’m cleared postpartum and can reclaim my running gait and form.

Look at that swayback I'm rocking. No wonder my running has changed.
Look at that swayback I’m rocking. No wonder my running has changed.

I have probably a couple more one mile plods in me until my shins give in from my for and gait change. I also probably only have one or two more spin classes left in me. Fitness wise I’m still fine going, but I have officially run out of adjustments I can make to my bike setup that make ┬áme comfortable and still allow me to maintain correct form. My goal for spin was always 32 weeks, so if I go this week I’ll make that goal. Then I can reassess from there. But it seems like I need to start shifting to elliptical and pool for the rest of my pregnancy soon.

Best and worst workouts this week?

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    1. Nice job on the 10k coming off being sick! I turn into a total wimp when it comes to working out sick.

    1. Thanks! I’m trying to hang in there, but it’s getting tough these days for sure.

    1. I am super curious about Orange Theory! I wish there was some place around me that I could try it. Congrats on your half marathon =)

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