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Hello Friday!

I am off work today and kicking it in Syracuse with the hubby and family. It’s been a loooooong week and I’m glad to put it behind me. State testing is done and I only have eight and half weeks of school left until summer, so it’s time to buckle down and trudge through this final push.

But today is Friday and I’ve decided to play some Friday Five with Cynthia, Mar, and Courtney. Today is Five Blogs To Love, which is so fun, because I follow quite a few bloggers who all have their own unique style and way of motivating me. So here’s a few of my favorite down time reads.

1. Run Away With Kristen K– Kristen is one of my fellow Junebugs and a die hard runner. She only picked up running a couple of years ago when the itch to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon hit her but she hasn’t stopped since. She has a super fun writing style infused with humor and honesty. And she and her husband recently jumped in their car and moved to Alaska half on a whim, so she has lots of quirky fun stories about being an Alaskan transplant from the east coast mixed in with running goodness.

2. The Shoes Run 50– Heather is an incredible runner. She’s fast, she’s determined, and she’s chasing her marathon dream. Aside from trying to reach a goal of running her first full marathon, her and her husband have set out to try and run a race in every state by their 50th anniversary. A seriously fun goal that should make for some really cool race reports!

3. Muddin On Up– Samantha is one of my more unusual bloggers that I follow. She is an OCR fanatic and she is a freaking beast! She mainly participates on GORUCK challenges which are like marathon length military combine style running and strength workouts and races. Looking through her photos you would think she’s training to be a Navy Seal, but really she just loves a tough challenge. Seriously inspirational and worth reading!

4. Push My Limits– Kecia is my fellow teacher triathlete and is currently training for Ironman Boulder. She is the queen of pulling double duty on long training hours while being an all star teacher. Her tenacity is contagious and she shares some really awesome workouts (some of which I have taken hostage and done myself!) and is just a triathlon badass.

5. Glitter and Dust– Kristen is a hardcore triathlete. She is fast, she is focused, and she doesn’t let things hold her back. She was training for her first full Ironman when she found out she was pregnant and her whole focus has changed. It’s interesting to see how life affects other athletes and she is still out there killing it while training and racing for two.

Lots of motivation to be found in these five blogs. Good humor, loads of determination, and some interesting reads. Happy reading my friends!

Did I miss you favorite blogger? Share their link in the comments and show them some love!

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  1. Awe, thanks for the shout out lady. Maybe Navy Seal is my second calling… Except I’m a girl, and they don’t allow girls to be Seals YET, so I’ll have to stick with GORUCK 😉
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