The Madness

Oh, wow, crap, Monday.

Let’s see, recap. I can sum it up in one sentence; I ran on Monday and that was literally it. Done.

No, I’m not even kidding. I did a speed workout on Monday night that went alright. I was a bit fatigued and kind of suffered through it, but it was good. Then I did zero things the rest of the week. I did do a lot of napping and crying and eating. Because life. I swear I will be filling you all in soon. Soon.

This is a completely accurate summation of my training this week.

My tri club had their annual members meeting over the weekend and I won a drawing for $50 off Pain In The Alleganies. Too bad that race is the same day as Syracuse. I opted to have it thrown back into the mix for someone else. Too bad too, I’ve always been so curious about that race. It was awesome to see everyone though. I’ve felt pretty detached lately so it was great to just catch up, chat triathlon, and get a how to change a flat tutorial from the fabulously amazing Jim from Geneva Bike Center.

This week I am going to attempt to get back to the basics. The weather is going to be amazing all week long, so I’m hoping to run outside and ride outside this week after work.

Time to get back out on Finley this week. I got her some new Gator Skins, so she’s ready to roll!


Sunday I’ll be racing Seneca7 for the second year in a row. I was an alternate for a team and got pulled in. I’m really looking forward to it, such a fun race. And the weather looks to be warmer and drier than it was last year, so it should be good. I’ll be running as infamous Runner Four this year, which means I get to tackle the monster hill coming up out of Watkins Glenn. Should be fun!

Other than that I’ll be in survival mode at school this week. It’s the start of a new quarter which means I get all new students. It’s also state testing for the next two weeks, so our schedule is completely bonkers and the kids are going to be absolutely wild. Cheers, here’s to hoping I can survive the madness!

Best and worst workout this week?

8 Replies to “The Madness”

    1. Thanks! There’s a plan, I think I’m a bit overwhelmed lately. Time to step back and just try to remember why I love this sport.

  1. I wish life would cooperate and be more like I want and plan for every week, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. I hope things start looking up for you soon! Cheers to the end of the school year being just around the corner!! Our kids are CRAZY since there are only 6 weeks left in the year. I am looking forward to summer as I know you are too 😉

    1. I’m sure our kids will go crazy once the next two weeks are done. State testing, yuck!

  2. Oh no! You sound overwhelmed. Hope everything’s ok. Bummer about the win and then having to pass on the race. I too did my first speed workout after being sick and it went well but sucked the life outta me. Recovery takes time. Sigh.
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    1. Recovery does take time. Good for you for getting back out there! Hang in there yourself, you’ll be feeling better soon.

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