Makeover Time

Oh my gosh, don’t you love my blog makeover?? *swoon* I finally feel like my blog looks legit. All the amazing thanks go to Erin from Seriously, go check her out. She’s wonderful!

We took a semi-impromptu road trip this weekend and my body is attempting to be not dead and hateful right now. I spent the whole 15 hour drive back Monday telling Rob how much I needed a vegetable. That’s an unusual craving for me, so that should tell you how overloaded on fast food and gas station junk snacks I was. 

I’m tryinggggg, don’t yell at me!

Needless to say, I did not workout all weekend or Monday. I begrudgingly dragged myself to spinning last night only to seriously suffer through it. I felt sick around the 38 minute mark and stopped pushing as hard as I otherwise would. I was retaining water like crazy, barely sweating and my tummy was bloating up. I made it through the whole class, but I wasn’t very happy about it. 

Except for when you spend 30 hours in the car. That’s kind of limiting….
So this week is going to be quite a wash for training. I’m going to put out what I can for he rest of this week then get back to the grind this next week. I need to start putting in more hours, even though that’s hard when I’m cooped up in the gym. 

I did get in a 3 mile tempo run and some upper body strength training this morning. Given that my office is closed today due to the excessive snow dump we’re currently getting, I really should have taken advantage and stayed longer. Playing in the snow with my dog counts right? Because I plan to do that today too. 

Gotta make Mr. Crazyface happy
How do you handle nutrition when you’re stuck in the car for an extended period of time?
What’s the weather by you like today?

4 Replies to “Makeover Time”

  1. LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK!!!!!! It’s beautiful and has polka dots!!!!! And your dog is the cutest thing on earth. My wimpy chihuahua won’t do anything in the snow!

  2. Lol I totally hear you on this entire post! Love the blog re-design! Also, I absolutely love the adorable photos of your doggie. 🙂
    I’ve eaten pretty crappy this past week myself. I’m pretty sure that after years of Super Bowl games leading into Valentine’s day, my body has pretty much trained itself to eat junk food the first week in February. I always feel like…err, KNOW…that whenever I eat crap or take the easy road out, I end up feeling like crap when running. And low and behold, I had a pretty crappy run yesterday!

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