Meet Finley!

Sooooo… I may have bought myself a new bike yesterday. And by may have I mean I did. I very much so did. Yes.

It was such a good deal, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ve been hooked on the idea of upgrading to a tri specific racing bike for a while now and I’ve had a single sticking point of wanting something 100% carbon. However, I have a small budget. As much as I would have loved to buy the Quintana Roo CD.01 Ultegra with the upgraded racing wheel set, I sure don’t have $3700 to drop on a bike. And there are only two full carbon entry level bikes. Only two. The Quintana Roo Dulce which I sort of had my heart set one, primarily because it’s black and pink, and the Felt B16 which frankly is the better of the two bikes. It has super upgraded components, upgraded wheels, full carbon frame, carbon forks, everything. 

I was planning on a shopping date out in Rochester yesterday with one of my besties from college, so on a whim I searched for bike shops out there and found one that had a 2012 Felt B16 marked down to $1299 from it’s usual retail price of $2199. I mean talk about a deal. Neither of the two carbon entry level tri bikes dip below $1500, it would be a loss for the bike shops. So I left a bit earlier than I otherwise would have to meet Brittany and scooted over to this bike shop first. 

I walked in and saw it hanging on the wall, looking so pretty and fancy. And the bike shop owner came over and told me he wouldn’t sell it to me. Whaaa??? But, I have money, I want your bike, take my money and give me your bike!

Apparently, my overall height was a bit short for the size of the bike and he pulled out the Felt catalog to look up the geometry and specs for the bike. He saw that the next size down came with the smaller wheels, a disadvantage. So he opted to measure me just to be sure and this is the first time in my life being disproportionately all leg has been a good thing. My overall height, a stagger 5’3.5″, is technically too short for the 52cm bike, but my legs are long enough to fit the geometry of the bike. So he popped it on the trainer and had me get on. He looked pretty surprised that it fit and that he was able to fit me to it quite perfectly. Since he was hesitant at first I must have asked like ten times if he was sure it fit. And he continually assured me it did and if it didn’t he wouldn’t sell it to me. 

So there it is. I put down a small deposit and once I get my end of year stipend from work I’ll go back and pay the rest off and he’ll tweak my fitting until it’s perfect. The thing is that I planned to use my tax return in the spring to buy a new bike, but bike sales are always during the end of the year like this when shops are trying to clear out inventory and make room for new models for the spring rush. This deal would never last and if I waited until spring odds are I’d be buying a new 14′ for full price, which would be a significant amount of money out of pocket for me. But this my stipend will cover. And he only had this bike marked as far down as it was because it’s actually a 2012 that he never sold last year, so he was trying to close it out. And I’m happy to take it. 

I think I’ve settled on naming her Finley, though I’m very much open to suggestions. 

I’m not super excited about the color, but I am freaking pumped to have a brand new triathlon racing bike with super upgraded components that will fit me like a perfect piece of my racing puzzle. And now I feel confident that I’ll be able to have a 3 hour bike at IMCuse and be able to seriously push for sub-6. 

So on the 21st I’ll go pick up my new bike. I’m very excited for it. Until then, here are the specs on it if you’re curious. 

Ever made a large impromptu purchase before?
If you could upgrade any one piece of gear for yourself what would it be?

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    1. Yeah, his attention to detail during fitting and his original intention of flat out not wanting to sell it to me makes me believe they care more about getting the right bike for the right person than a quick dollar on something they want to get rid of.

  1. How exciting!! I bought a new tri bike a few months ago kind of on impulse as well because it was on sale. Some things are just worth it, and I love it so much, so that definitely qualifies. =)

  2. It definitely wasn’t as an expensive a purchase as yours… but today, awesome on a bit of a whim, I spent $177 on a 10lb weighted workout vest:-) I’m very excited for it!

  3. That is awesome, it definitely was a great deal!! I have made a few large impromptu purchases, especially if its something I had been planning to get and it is on sale for a price I can’t walk away from. Today, there isn’t much I would want to upgrade in terms of gear, but some newer, warmer winter running gear would be good!

  4. Yay congrats on the new bike! What an amazing deal! I also love that he originally said you couldn’t get it, but then you ended up being a perfect fit for the bike. I’m excited for you to be able to take it home!

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