We Meet Again, Monday

Hello Monday. I see we meet again.

First thing’s first, a little weekly update since they’ve been scarce around here since my injury back in August.

Last Monday I ran, but it was again only two miles. And my footpod hated me, as I mentioned last week. I still haven’t recalibrated it and I’m hoping to brave the dark and cold tonight and run outside. I have a 5k this weekend, so I ought to start acclimating to cold weather running since we’re in for a long winter as usual too.

Tuesday and Thursday I hit up spin class. A great workout as always. Thursday I struggled a bit, I was tired. But once I got past the halfway point I managed to settle in and really just crank it out.

That was it. I said I’d recap my week like I actually had anything worth saying. But the good news is the pool at my YMCA is open again. Granted the last I heard it was only 65F 70F, which is wetsuit temperatures, but ya know, it’s open. So there’s that. I really need to start swimming again


Saturday we did a wine tour all day long with some of our Geneva friends. I drank so.much.wine. We had so much fun, it was really a good time. And I do love wine, so that’s always a plus. Gotta love living right on one of the best wine trails in the state!

I also got this from a student last week. Yes, that is the back of someone’s quiz.

Health class. Boom. That’s right.

I encourage doodling on the back while they wait for others to finish. Mostly because I like looking at their drawings more than I like grading.

Anyways, on the docket for this week- running outside tonight, hopefully. Spin Tuesday and Thursday. Either another run or swimming Wednesday. Then Saturday is race day, following my first indoor track meet of course. Lord help me, that might be a nightmare. But at least I’ll have a fun race with my Hubby to look forward to.

I’m also still looking for races for mid winter. I just can’t find anything I like. Or more likely there’s very little scheduled because we live in snow hell and most sane people don’t do many winter races. I will find something though. Hopefully.

How Monday treating you so far?

What’s on your workout schedule for today?

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  1. My Monday is actually going alright. I woke up before my alarm and was able to do some dishes before I left for work. Tonight’s workout is strength training. I’m only doing strength training once a week at this point, which I know is not much, but I can tell that it gets easier each week. It is not my favorite, but I feel good about getting it done.

    I love wine tasting! Sounds like it was a great weekend!
    Heather @ShoesRun50 recently posted…DPHM Week 1 + Sunday routineMy Profile

  2. I love the drawings that kids put on their tests as well. I am not a fan of grading, so the drawings bring a bright spot to my day 😉

    I completed a strength training session this morning and have a hot yoga class this evening (that I am DEFINITELY looking forward to). My Monday had a bump in the road thanks to someone fraudulently using my debit card, but luckily the bank caught it and stopped everything. It will be a fiasco for a while without a debit card, but at least all transactions have been stopped 😉

    Good luck with the indoor track meet and have a great race this weekend!! 😉
    Kecia recently posted…34 Weeks ’til #IMBoulderMy Profile

    1. Oh geeze! Glad your bank caught the charges! That’s a fast way to ruin a Monday.

  3. My Monday was stupid this morning. I woke up 10 minutes early to leave early to stop and get gas. I got to the gas station (half-way to work) only to find that I didn’t have my wallet. I turned around to go back and get it, stopped again for gas. Got stuck in rush-hour traffic then got stuck behind a stalled car. I woke up 10 minutes early to make it to work 19 minutes later than normal (and with only 1 minute to spare before I was late for work).

    Workout: Stronglifts and running. I need it after my morning and crazy hectic work day.
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    1. Your mom sounds about as fun as mine was. Hopefully your workout brightens your day some!

  4. Yay for the pool being open and for your student’s drawing! I seriously live for those little moments in teaching. I hear you on the winter racing thing. I think there is officially one race a month in Anchorage until April, and I’m not even sure if I want to do any of them. So far it’s been in the 30s and we only got an inch of snow, but I’m anticipating much more by January or February. But I think winter races give me an excuse to keep training outside so you might see me signing up for one!
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  5. When I was teaching my big lecture classes at OSU, I would tell students they could draw on the back of their quizzes once they were finished and waiting for others to finish. I would then pick the best drawings and share them before the next class period on the big projector screen. It was so fun and hilarious at times. They loved it.
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