Mid Run Selfies

Rough week. I needed it to give way to a nice weekend, a lovely three day weekend. It got there, but not right away.

My laptop kicked it Thursday night. I’m still attempting to resurrect it at least long enough to pull some photos and files off of, but honestly it’s not looking good. And I had some weird thing with my itune account being listed under two different emails that took me a long night on the phone to get situated a few months ago, and now with itunes redownloaded on my new computer, I only have six song. Six. And some crappy U2 album that itunes gifted to everyone. No thanks. So I have to call apple again this week and get that mess sorted out. Or figure out how to pull my music off my ipod into itunes. Whatever will work. I was looking forward to downloading some new music and making a new half marathon playlist for Sunday. But right now that’s not going to happen.

Speaking of my impending half marathon, this happened-

Mid run seflies; all the cool kids are doing it.

Hubs and I ran 8.26 miles Sunday. It’s our last long haul before we race this Sunday. I had a bit of leg pain here and there, but otherwise I felt okay. I’m sure a lot of my discomfort on the run came from drinking beer and eating dessert Saturday night. Note to self, no beer and dessert before a long workout.


All said and done though, I know I will survive Empire State Half. It may not be pretty, and I won’t be breaking last years time and definitely not breaking two hours, but that’s okay. I’ve been nursing an injury for months and frankly I’ll be happy to finish.

Also, happy Columbus Day. I’m off work today and planning to hit the gym, clean my house, and write some lesson plans. Nothing exciting, but all stuff that needs to get done. So there ya have it. Finger crossed that this week is better than last and that I can get myself all situated for Sunday so I can have a good race.

Advice from the apple lovers on how to fix my itunes/transfer my music off my ipod?

Who else is off today? Any good plans?

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  1. I’m pretty sure you can “drag and drop” your music on your Ipod into Itunes. Don’t quote me though because I haven’t messed with my Ipod in ages.

    I’m not off work today, sadly. I don’t think a lot of the schools in my area are either. Nothing exciting planned for after work though, just Stronglifts 5×5 and running intervals. What fun, what fun 😉

    I’m really happy to see you getting back to running! In case I forget, which is highly likely because life is hectic, good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to see how it goes on Sunday 🙂
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    1. I just tried to figure out how to drag and drop, but I can’t find where to drag it from since my music isn’t on this computer. And I can’t seem to open the files from my ipod on the computer. I think I’ve got another way figured out though.

      Life is hectic, very much so yes!

    1. We had a good time. Took it slow and tried to not let the beer from the night before slog me down too much, haha.

  2. If you figure out how to transfer the music from your iPod to iTunes, please let me know. Even when I connect my iPod to my computer, it will not play some of the songs on my computer because I downloaded them a long time ago from a different computer. That is the one thing about iTunes… when someone purchases a song, he or she should have access to it forever.
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  3. I try not to carry my phone or any device when i run. This is 1 scenario where i can’t use my selfie stick to take my selfie. A light small ipod nano strapped to the arm i think is good but with a wireless headset be better.

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