Mid Week Rambles

This week has been tough, but good overall so far. 

I’m trying to take the time to get myself back on track. I need my training to start increasing in intensity and I need my eating to get back on point. 

For me, those two things function entirely hand in hand. I miss a workout, I will pretty much always make a bad decision on eating. I think this may be a huge contributing factor to why I love morning workouts. When I get my workout in early in the morning before anything else, I’m less inclined to eat bad things because I don’t want to “ruin” my workout. I’m not one to train in the evening if I can avoid it because frankly it feels like it’s interfering with my day. But also because if I eat something bad during the day and haven’t worked out but have an evening training session scheduled, I’m likely to blow it off. Day’s ruined, no need to workout. A bad mentality to have, but if I understand my own thinking I can divert myself from bad behaviors. Morning workouts equal all day good eating. Evening workouts provide too much opportunity to screw up and make excuses. 

Don’t get me wrong. I do evening workouts a few night a week. But they’re tacked onto a morning workout too. Two a days, love em!

So far so good. I’ve been sticking to my training plan pretty well this week. The only exceptions being my mileage is still decreased as per doctor’s orders and I didn’t swim because I’m waiting for a new bathing suit to show up. I figure I should train in a legit training suit, not my beach going bathing suit. And for $12 off swim outlet, it’ll be nice to feel legit. 

This seems like a fair interpretation of my swimming abilities

I go back to my sports med doctor on Friday. I’m still having knee pain during and after runs so I’m guessing an MRI will be happening. I was also discussing Rock Tape with a few other traithlete minded folks and they were saying you can leave it on, and it’s durable enough to stay on, up to a week. So I may try that next week and see if that helps my knee while running. 

Anyways, some midweek rambles. I’m ready to start increasing my training but I’m also slightly in hiatus until Friday. We’ll see what that brings, but it better be something along the lines of starting my training, because I plan to do that anyways. In fact, starting this week. Other than swimming and shortened runs, I’m on schedule so far this week. And I plan on keeping it that way. 

Do your diet and workouts affect each other?
Morning, afternoon, or evening workouts?

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4 Replies to “Mid Week Rambles”

  1. My diet and workouts def. go hand in hand. I am always so good with my diet when I am hitting my workouts hard. I start my marathon training at the end of December, which I am looking forward to. I am an early am workout kind of girl, I get it in before work! Good luck on your training!

  2. I just laughed at that ecard because that is SO ME. I swear I don’t fully wake up until a couple miles in to my early morning runs. Mostly I’m an afternooner though. I get a lot of my workouts in on my lunch breaks.

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