Monday Check In and Giveaway Results

This will be short. I’ll get more chatty later in the week as work has me swamped up to the gills (I wish I had those. Sure would make swimming easier) for the next few days.

The Blog Hop giveaway ended Saturday night and the winner of the Clif Race Day Nutrition Pack is Lisa Tran!!!! Your package will be out in the mail first thing Tuesday morning, so keep your eyes open for that. 

Also, we ran the It’s a Wonderful Run 5k Saturday night, so be on the look out for my race recap by mid week. 

Don’t forget to do some last minute shopping over at with coupon code TRIGC15 for 15% off you purchase until 12/31 too. 

That’s it for today! Love you all. Check back in a day or two for lots of fabulousness!