Monday Madness

Why Monday, why? Why are you here? Didn’t you know that no one invited you?

Back to work. Back to real life. Ahhh, break. I will miss you. Let the countdown to spring break commence. Five weeks. Uh huh. But let’s be honest, I’ve loved my breaks so much, spring break is really just a stepping stone to summer. This will be my first summer off in four years I am dying to spend it doing a combination of swim/bike/run and nap/read/hammock. Truth.

I did have a pretty decent week of workouts at least, so there’s that.


Monday was my FTP retest, so there’s that. Nothing like a good fitness test to wind you.

Tuesday I did plenty. I hoped in the pool for some speed work. I did 1700 yards total which included a significant amount of 50 yard sprints. Hang on lungs! After that I ran 3 miles, 2 of which were sort of zone 2 training, 1 of which was base pace. Then did a some lower body lifting and stretching.


Wednesday  I hopped back on my trainer for my first official power based workout. I did the workout suggested to me by Kecia from Push My Limits. It was fabulous. And being able to upload workouts right to my 920XT is amazing! It tells me when to start and stop intervals, when to recover, when I go over or under my targeted power zone; I love it! I didn’t bother to math out how long the workout was before I hopped on my bike and when it was over I was surprised to see it was more than an hour. It flew by!

My fabulous Garmin running me through my workout. Took advantage of a recovery interval to snap a quick pic!

Thursday I missed my run. It was blisteringly cold and I cleaned my house instead. But in my defence, I did drive to the gym, get out of my car, and start walking in before I realized I did not bring my running shoes. I cannot run 3-4 miles in my Bear Paw boots. Nope. So I turned around to head home for my shoes and never made it back out the door a second time. So goes it I guess.

We spent Friday in Syracuse since Husbandface’s car needed an oil change. We saw both sets of parents and went to a nice lunch out together just the two of us.

Saturday I actually set an alarm and rolled out of bed to join my tri club for a swim. I never get to swim with them anymore except for our every other Sunday swim, so I had to take advantage at least once this break week. We powered through lots of intervals and I got in another 2000 yards of happiness. Actually, I swam 2025, but my watch missed a lap during a set of 75’s, but it’s okay. I was very happy to get in a nice swim with my tri buddies.

Sunday  my tri club held a spin class, but I slept right through it. Oops. Better luck next time!

This week I’ll be back to my regular routine with runs on Monday and Wednesday and my biking on Tuesday and Thursday. I have to be a little creative though. I have two night this week where I’ll be stuck at school until late; 7pm one night and 830 the other. I believe they’re both on cycling days and I won’t go home between school ending and my other scheduled school events. So my plan is to bring my bike and trainer to school. Yup, I will be spinning in my room after school. The good news is the kids won’t be put off by it since I saw my fellow tri teacher carrying her bike the other week. And of course tri club swim Sunday!

 What was you best and work workout this past week?

One reason to be happy it’s Monday?

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  1. I’m so glad you had a great week off and enjoyed the bike workout 😉 Nice job on getting a good variety of workouts in!! I love that you are going to take your bike and trainer with you to school to get your workouts in!! I am happy it is Monday so that I can get this week started and over with. We have parent teacher conferences every night this week, so I too won’t be home until late everyday this week…good thing it is a recovery week for me. Only 3 weeks ’til spring break for us…I can’t wait for spring!!
    Kecia recently posted…23 Weeks ’til Ironman BoulderMy Profile

    1. Yay spring break! I hope you have spring like weather where you live for your upcoming break =)

    1. Definitely counts! Walking around those Disney parks and other parks is a serious workout as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I like the idea of a fresh start. I guess I should be more positive that way! Good luck getting in some killer workouts this week =)

  2. I’m with you on the I hate Monday bandwagon. Booo hiss. I’m totally coveting that Garmin 920. But I won’t bite the bullet just yet, even though I could sell my 910. Nice week of workouts!
    My fave workout was probably my bike ride yesterday. I did some power work for the first time in a while. I actually felt pretty good!
    Phaedra @ Blisters and Black Toenails recently posted…Winter BlahsMy Profile

    1. Boooo Monday! I agree! Glad you had a great power workout. I enjoyed mine last week and am looking forward to more. Hopefully the rest of your week is less Monday like =P

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